A Message from President Tony Frank

Dr. Tony Frank, President

One of the hallmarks of an educated person is the recognition of how much we don’t know—and how often we can be surprised by the important questions we hadn’t thought to ask.

Colorado State University students can minimize the possibility of surprises related to University policies, expectations, and resources by taking the time to become familiar with this General Catalog. As the encapsulation of our academic mission and program, the General Catalog should be considered an essential roadmap for navigating through the many timelines, decisions, and choices involved with earning your degree, and it often will be the best place to find the answer to questions about University operations and protocols.

As an inclusive community of scholars, we are all here—as students, faculty, and staff—because we value learning and understand that earning an academic degree requires considerable work, sacrifice, and determination. Throughout this challenging, life-changing process, I encourage you to seek out and take full advantage of all the resources available to support your success. Meet with your professors, don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance, and regularly consult with both your advisor and this catalog to ensure you’re on track.

Armed with spirit, commitment, and information, your academic goals are well within your reach. Best wishes for a successful CSU experience!

Dr. Tony Frank