President's Cabinet 

Tony Frank President
Rick Miranda Provost and Executive Vice President
Brett Anderson Special Assistant to the President
Leslie Taylor Interim Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Patrick J. Burns Vice President for Information Technology, Dean of Libraries
Dan Bush Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Jim Cooney Vice Provost for International Affairs
Jodie Redditi Hanzlik Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs/Dean of the Graduate School
Blanche M. Hughes Vice President for Student Affairs
Jason Johnson General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Lynn Johnson Vice President for University Operations & Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Long Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Tom Milligan Vice President for External Relations
Joe Parker Director of Athletics
Mary Ontiveros Vice President for Diversity
Alan S. Rudolph Vice President for Research
Tim Gallagher Chair, Faculty Council
Lou Swanson Vice Provost for Engagement/Director of Colorado State University Extension
Kim Tobin Vice President for University Advancement

Cabinet Staff 

Mark Gill Chief of Staff to the President
Kathleen Henry President and CEO of CSUF/CSURF
Katie Kalkstein Executive Assistant to the President
Cara Neth Director of Presidential and Administrative Communications