Enrollment Deposit and Admission Confirmation

Newly-admitted freshman/first-year students and transfer students (including international students but excluding distance/online degree completion students) must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit to secure a place in the entering class. The enrollment deposit covers new student charges and a portion of tuition, and paying the deposit opens access to other critical steps in the enrollment process, including the application for on-campus housing and sign-up for Orientation and course registration.

The deadline for submitting the enrollment deposit is May 1 for fall semester freshman applicants, July 1 for fall semester transfer applicants, and December 15 for all spring semester applicants, or within two weeks of receiving the offer of admission if after these dates.

If payment of the enrollment deposit presents a financial hardship or the full cost of attendance will be covered by a third party (e.g. international sponsor, 100% GI Bill entitlement), students can request an enrollment deposit deferral. When a deferral is granted, the student secures a place in the entering class and opens access to other steps to enroll, and then the deferred amount appears as a charge on the first billing statement.