Effective Fall 2015

ANEQ 522Animal Metabolism3
BC 601Responsible Conduct in Biochemistry 11
or GRAD 544 Ethical Conduct of Research
BUS 505Legal and Ethical Environment of Business3
or BUS 660 Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
MGT 620Management3
MGT 625Managerial Communication Practices3
or BUS 625 Organizational Communication
NSCI 579/VS 579Animal Behavior in Captive Populations3
NSCI 693Seminar--MPNS3
NSCI 696Group Study12
Business elective course 23-5
Science elective course 27
Total Credits41-43

A minimum of 41 credits are required to complete this program.  


Students may substitute another science ethics course with approval by advisor and committee.


Select from department list with approval of advisor and graduate committee.