Effective Fall 2016

Core Courses
FW 551Design of Fish and Wildlife Studies3
FW 552Applied Sampling for Wildlife/Fish Studies3
FW 555Conservation Biology3
FW 564Science of Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts3
FW 578Conservation Decision Analysis3
FW 692Seminar: Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology 10-3
FW 696Group Study: Fish, Wildlife, Conservation Biology 10-3
NR 515Natural Resources Policy and Biodiversity3
Core Total Credits21
Select at least 9 additional credits from the following:9
Leopold's Ethic for Wildlife and Land
Wildlife Policy, Administration, and Law
Leadership and Public Communications
Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I
Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II
Statistics for Environmental Monitoring
Program Total Credits30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.


 Complete 3 credits total of FW 692 and/or FW 696.