The Sports Medicine concentration provides a strong science background and a solid grounding in the foundations of human movement. This track is dedicated to preparing students both professionally and academically for their future careers.The Sports Medicine concentration provides excellent preparation for those students seeking pre-professional preparation in medical fields, physical therapy or other allied health fields or students planning on pursuing an advanced degree (master's and/or Ph.D.) in exercise science or a related field. 

Some of the courses required for this concentration include chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanical principles and neuromuscular aspects of human movement, and human nutrition. This concentration provides a comprehensive understanding of health and exercise science while preparing students for post graduate programs.

Effective Spring 2017

CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
FSHN 150Survey of Human Nutrition 3
HES 145Health and Wellness 3
MATH 1181College Algebra in Context II (GT-MA1)1B1
MATH 1241Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (GT-MA1)1B1
MATH 1251Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1)1B1
PSY 100General Psychology (GT-SS3)3C3
Biology - Select one group from the following: 4
Group A  
Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1)3A 
Group B  
Principles of Animal Biology (GT-SC2)3A 
Animal Biology Laboratory (GT-SC1)3A 
Chemistry - Select one group from the following:2 5
Group A  
Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)3A 
Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory (GT-SC1)3A 
Group B  
General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)3A 
General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)3A 
Arts and Humanities3B6
 Total Credits 30
BMS 300Principles of Human Physiology 4
BMS 302Laboratory in Principles of Physiology 2
CHEM 113General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II 1
HES 207Anatomical Kinesiology 3
SPCM 200Public Speaking 3
Statistics - Select one course from the following: 3
General Statistics  
Introduction to Statistical Methods  
Introduction to Biostatistics  
Global and Cultural Awareness3E3
Historical Perspectives3D3
Electives 6
 Total Credits 31
CHEM 2453Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 4
CHEM 2463Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CO 301BWriting in the Disciplines: Sciences (GT-CO3)23
FSHN 350Human Nutrition 3
HES 307Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement 4
HES 340Exercise Prescription 3
HES 354Theory of Health Behavior 3
HES 403Physiology of Exercise4B4
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)3A5
 Total Credits 30
BMS 301Human Gross Anatomy 5
HES 319Neuromuscular Aspects of Human Movement 4
HES 345Population Health and Disease Prevention 3
HES 492Health and Exercise Science Seminar4A,4C3
Sports Medicine Guided Electives - Select 10 credits from the list below: 10
Electives4 4
 Total Credits 29
 Program Total Credits: 120

Sports Medicine Guided Electives List:

Code Title AUCC Credits
Select a minimum of 10 credits from the list.
BC 351 Principles of Biochemistry 4
BMS *** Upper-Division course not required elsewhere 3-5
BZ 310 Cell Biology 4
BZ 350 Molecular and General Genetics 4
FSHN 470 Integrative Nutrition and Metabolism 3
HES 379 Psychology and Sport 3
HES 410 Bioethics: Concepts and Controversies 3
HES 420 Electrocardiography and Exercise Management 3
HES 434 Physical Activity Throughout the Lifespan 3
LIFE 103 Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants 4
LIFE 201A Introductory Genetics: Applied/Population/Conservation/Ecological (GT-SC2) 3A 3
LIFE 201B Introductory Genetics: Molecular/Immunological/Developmental (GT-SC2) 3A 3
LIFE 205 Microbial Biology 3
LIFE 210 Introductory Eukaryotic Cell Biology 3
MATH 155 Calculus for Biological Scientists I (GT-MA1) 1B 4
or MATH 160 Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT-MA1)
MIP 300 General Microbiology 3
MIP 315 Human and Animal Disease 3
PH 122 General Physics II (GT-SC1) 3A 5
or PH 142 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (GT-SC1)
PSY 260 Child Psychology 3
or PSY *** Upper-Division course

MATH 155 or MATH 160 may be substituted for MATH 118MATH 124 and MATH 125. You may not count MATH 155 or MATH 160 for a Sports Medicine Guided Elective if you have substituted one of these courses for MATH 118, MATH 124 & MATH 125.


CHEM 111/CHEM 112 can be substituted for CHEM 107/CHEM 108 and should be seriously considered by students who want to go on to graduate studies. Students should select CHEM 111/CHEM 112 as it better prepares students for CHEM 113/CHEM 114.


CHEM 341/CHEM 343/CHEM 344 may be substituted for CHEM 245/CHEM 246 provided that all three courses are completed. 


Select enough elective credits to bring the program total to a minimum of 120 credits, of which at least 42 must be upper-division (300- to 400-level).

Semester 1CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2) X1A3
HES 145Health and Wellness X 3
MATH 118College Algebra in Context II (GT-MA1) X1B1
MATH 124Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (GT-MA1) X1B1
Biology - Select one group from the following X 4
Group A    
Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1)  3A 
Group B    
Principles of Animal Biology (GT-SC2)  3A 
Animal Biology Laboratory (GT-SC1)  3A 
Arts and Humanities X3B3
 Total Credits   15
Semester 2CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
FSHN 150Survey of Human Nutrition X 3
MATH 125Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1)X 1B1
PSY 100General Psychology (GT-SS3) X3C3
Chemistry - Select one group from the following: X 5
Group A    
Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)X 3A 
Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory (GT-SC1)X 3A 
Group B    
General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)X 3A 
General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)X 3A 
Arts and Humanities X3B3
AUCC 1B (MATH) and CO 150 must be completed by the end of Semester 2.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 3CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
HES 207Anatomical Kinesiology X 3
SPCM 200Public Speaking X 3
Statistics - Select one course from the following: X 3
General Statistics    
Introduction to Statistical Methods    
Introduction to Biostatistics    
Global and Cultural Awareness X3E3
Historical Perspectives  3D3
CHEM 107/CHEM 108 or CHEM 111 /CHEM 112 and LIFE 102 or BZ 110/BZ 111 must be completed by the end of Semester 3.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 4CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BMS 300Principles of Human PhysiologyX  4
BMS 302Laboratory in Principles of Physiology X 2
CHEM 113General Chemistry II X 3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II X 1
Electives    6
HES 145, FSHN 150, HES 207 and BMS 300 must be completed by the end of semester 4.    
 Total Credits   16
Semester 5CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CHEM 245Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry   4
CHEM 246Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory   1
CO 301BWriting in the Disciplines: Sciences (GT-CO3) X23
HES 340Exercise Prescription X 3
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)  3A5
 Total Credits   16
Semester 6CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
FSHN 350Human Nutrition X 3
HES 307Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement X 4
HES 354Theory of Health Behavior   3
HES 403Physiology of Exercise X4B4
 Total Credits   14
Semester 7CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BMS 301Human Gross Anatomy X 5
HES 319Neuromuscular Aspects of Human MovementX  4
HES 345Population Health and Disease Prevention X 3
Guided Elective (See List on Concentration Requirements Tab)   3
HES 307, HES 319, HES 340, and HES 403 must be completed by the end of semester 7.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 8CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
HES 492Health and Exercise Science SeminarX 4A,4C3
Guided Elective (See List on Concentration Requirements Tab)X  7
ElectivesX  4
The benchmark courses for the 8th semester are the remaining courses in the entire program of study.X   
 Total Credits   14
 Program Total Credits:   120