For New Courses approved for Spring 2020 after August 1, 2019 please see the Spring 2020 Class Schedule. Experimental Courses for the 2019-20 Academic Year can also be found in the Class Schedule. The Class Schedule may be accessed through RAMweb or ARIESweb.

Curriculum Additions

The following Graduate Certificates were approved on the Faculty Council minutes and have been added to the General Catalog:

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Silviculture for the Practicing Forester (12/04/2018 FC approval)

Graduate Certificate in Carbon Management (04/02/2019 FC approval)

Graduate Certificate in Radiological and Nuclear Safety (03/05/2019 FC approval)

Catalog Corrections

Per request of the College of Engineering, correction made to Student Learning Outcomes and Program Educational Objectives content for the Major in Engineering Science (10/22/2019).