Education Abroad

Office of International Programs – Laurel Hall

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Education Abroad opportunities engage students in an international arena, providing new academic perspectives, broadening knowledge of international affairs, and allowing for a deeper understanding of other cultures. In addition to enhancing a student’s degree program, education abroad provides students with direct experience developing intercultural skills necessary for success in an increasingly diverse and global workforce.

The Office of International Programs offers more than 400 recommended international opportunities, including for-credit and not-for-credit programs for study, research, internships and service learning. Students can maintain full-time enrollment at CSU while abroad, and credit from approved programs may be applied towards an overall degree program at CSU. 

Education Abroad oversees programs in over 80 countries around the world and provides support services to students, including advising, orientations, outreach, program coordination, risk management, and emergency response. Students considering any type of international experience are required to work with the Office of International Programs in preparation for their time abroad. Advance planning helps assure that international endeavors will not unnecessarily prolong degree completion and that health and safety preparations have been addressed. Advance planning also assures that students meet application deadlines, which can range anywhere from two to twelve months before a program begins.

The Office of International Programs also works closely with CSU's academic partners Semester at Sea and the CSU Todos Santos Center to foster international opportunities for CSU students, faculty and staff.

Financial Aid for Education Abroad

In most cases, CSU financial aid in the forms of loans, grants and scholarships can be applied to cover the costs of an education abroad program. Through CSU's partnerships, the Office of International Programs facilitates over $700,000 in annual scholarship funds to support education abroad. Students can apply for many of these through the Education Abroad Common Application and/or their programs. 

Further information on eligibility requirements, courses, deadlines, policies, procedures, financial aid, and costs related to study abroad may be found on the Education Abroad website.