Teacher and principal licensure is available through the School of Education's Center for Educator Preparation (CEP).

One of the most important ways to help people and to impact our society is through involvement in schools. Teachers make lasting contributions to our nation and its many generations of learners. Teacher education programs at CSU serve the needs of individuals preparing to teach in: 

  • Early Childhood Education (PreK-3rd grade)
  • Grades K-12: Art, Foreign Languages, Instructional Technology, Music
  • Secondary (Grades 7-12): Agricultural Education, Business Education, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, Marketing Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Speech, Technology Education

CSU is one of the public institutions in Colorado designated to offer programs leading towards a career and technical (vocational) credential. Candidates for teacher licensure are skilled in a teaching concentration and educational methodology. These students take their professional education course work concurrently while completing their content area coursework. Candidates may complete licensure while enrolled in an undergraduate program or after completing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university.

Endorsements available through the program include:

Endorsement Levels U P G
Agricultural Education Secondary X X X
Art K-12 X X X
Business Education Secondary X X
Early Childhood Education Ages 0-8 X X X
English/Language Arts Secondary X X X
Family and Consumer Sciences Secondary X X X
Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish) K-12 X X X
Instructional Technology K-12 X X X
Marketing Education Secondary X X
Mathematics Secondary X X X
Music K-12 X X
Science Secondary X X X
Social Studies Secondary X X X
Speech Secondary X X X
Technology Education Secondary X X X

Special Services/Administrative Endorsements

Endorsement Levels U P G
Occupational Therapist Ages 0-21 X
School Counselor Ages 0-21 X
School Principal K-12 X
School Social Worker Ages 0-21 X

(Pursued at indicated level(s). G = graduate; P = post-baccalaureate; U = undergraduate)