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Mr. Peter Bleich, Recruiting Operations Officer

Minor in Military Science


The Army ROTC program provides professional education and leadership training to those students who desire to serve our country as officers in the U.S. Army upon graduation. Successful completion of the program qualifies ROTC cadets for both a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army and an opportunity to serve at least four years on active duty or at least six years in the reserve component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard).

The successful ROTC cadet may choose one of the 17 diverse and exciting career fields in which to serve as an Army officer. A list of these career fields may be obtained from the Department of Military Science.

General Program

The Military Science program is subdivided into two levels. The Basic Course is aligned with the freshman and sophomore years and consists of the fundamentals of leadership and management, critical thinking, land navigation, small unit operations, and rappelling. The Advanced Course is aligned with the junior and senior years and covers leadership assessment, military history, ethics, and the Army as a profession. It also includes leadership skills that prepare the cadet for entry into active or reserve duty as a commissioned officer. Participation in leadership laboratories is open to all students who are enrolled in a military science class.

Two-Year and Graduate Degree Programs

A two-year program is available for students who have not taken the first two years of ROTC, or for those who have completed an undergraduate degree and are seeking a two-year graduate program. This program requires the student to attend a summer course at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The four-week summer course, taken between the sophomore and junior years or prior to starting a graduate degree program, consists of basic military training and allows the student to enter the Advanced Course upon return to campus. The completion of basic training during prior enlisted service will also serve as qualification to enter the two year Advanced Course.

Another option to attain an officer’s commission is through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). This program allows a cadet who is a member of an Army Reserve or Army National Guard unit to be in the Advanced Course of ROTC, be paid at the cadet drill pay rate (equivalent to E-5 pay), work as an officer trainee in their unit, and compete for an Army Reserve component or active duty commission. Students can also receive the GI Bill® and tuition assistance benefits while in Army ROTC.

The Military Science curriculum is intended to enrich and supplement baccalaureate or postgraduate studies in all fields. The Army recognizes the need for officers with varied academic credentials and will award a commission to students who successfully complete ROTC.

Flight Training

After commissioning, flight training is available, although competitive, to those officers who have taken and passed the flight physical and flight aptitude test and have been selected for service within the Aviation Branch. The flight aptitude test is normally administered during the MS III or junior year of ROTC. Training will be rotary wing (helicopter) training.


CSU Army ROTC cadets may be awarded scholarships that pay full tuition (in-state or out-of-state), mandatory fees, $1,200 per year for books and a stipend (living allowance) of $420 per month. Applications for the four-year scholarship can be requested by applying online. Two- and three-year scholarships, for sophomores and freshmen respectively, may be applied for throughout the school year directly through the on-campus Army ROTC Program.

Financial Assistance Opportunities

In addition to two-, three-, and four-year scholarships, Army ROTC has the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), which provides additional experience and financial assistance from two sources: a National Guard or Reserve unit and Army ROTC. SMP students may also qualify for GI Bill® benefits, loan repayment money, and up to 100% tuition assistance, based on available funding and service time.

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