Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate Certificates are optional and are offered by certain departments, special academic units (SAUs), or colleges. A Graduate Certificate consists of a minimum of 9 specified credits and not more than 15 credits, all of which must be at the graduate level (500- to 700-level). A minimum of 9 credits must be regular coursework; credits beyond 9 can be non-regular coursework. A student must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or better and a minimum of a “C” in all courses in the Graduate Certificate. All coursework must be traditionally graded.

A Graduate Certificate may include courses from one or more academic units or special academic units. For certificates involving courses from two or more units, the coordinating department is indicated in the List of Graduate Certificates.

Guest and degree-seeking students with bachelor’s degrees are eligible to apply to participate in the Graduate Certificate Program. Students must apply for admission into the program and for the conferral of the certificate. Students must be enrolled at CSU to receive and complete the certificate requirements. Graduate certificates by title are noted on the student’s academic record (transcript). For degree seeking students this is at the time of degree conferral. The certificate title is not on the diploma. See the Graduate School website for details.