All academic and professional degrees and all course credits earned at CSU are regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission to provide assurance that course credits and degrees earned at CSU meet rigorous quality standards. Accreditation is a requirement for federal financial aid funding and may be a requirement for some employment opportunities, professional licensure, and graduate education.

HLC Accredited

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Many of CSU's academic programs are accredited through professional organizations in their disciplines. Details are available on the pages for individual Degree Programs.  A comprehensive list of accredited academic programs may be found on CSU's Accreditation website.

Assessment of Program Quality and Continuous Improvement

Academic degree programs are periodically reviewed through an internal process to assure the relevancy and high quality expected of a CSU degree. Each degree program defines meaningful student learning outcomes that identify the specific knowledge, competencies, skills, abilities, and values that students should be able to demonstrate upon completion. Defensible standards for evaluating whether students are achieving those outcomes are established and monitored. Appropriate assessment of student learning outcomes may include both direct and indirect measures (comprehensive exams, thesis projects, internship evaluations, reflective journals, peer comparisons, job placement rates, graduate school acceptance rates etc.). Departments are responsible for the collection and analysis of learning outcomes data and additionally responsible to demonstrate that the findings are used in a process of continuous quality improvement within the degree program.