College of Natural Sciences

Office in Statistics Building, Room 117
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Professor Simon Tavener, Interim Dean
​Professor Santiago Di Pietro, Associate Dean for Research
Dr. Lisa Dysleski, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Darrell Whitley, Interim Associate Dean

Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Minors

For a complete list of departmental program offerings (including certificates), see individual department catalog pages. 

College-Wide Graduate Programs: Master's Programs

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

College Programs

Our goal is to provide an extraordinary education to students in order to prepare them for science careers in industry, modern research, and academia. In addition, the College of Natural Sciences provides foundational courses in the biological, mathematical, behavioral, and physical sciences for CSU's seven other colleges, supporting CSU’s broad liberal arts and general education objectives.

Undergraduate Majors

The college’s eight departments offer twelve undergraduate majors, all leading to a Bachelor of Science degree which requires a minimum of 120 credits including 42 or more credits in upper-division courses. The undergraduate major in Neuroscience is offered jointly with the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

A major should be chosen based with both educational and career objectives in mind. Students earning degrees in College of Natural Sciences majors will be well prepared to succeed in careers in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and statistics, including middle/high school science and math instruction. Students who plan to enter a human- or animal-health profession must formally declare an academic major. There is no specific premedical, pre-veterinary, etc. major at CSU because health profession programs do not require a specific major, only specific courses. Majors such as Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Psychology and Zoology are popular for students interested in a career in the health professions.

All College of Natural Sciences students have the ability to work with an academic advisor to plan the coursework necessary to graduate from CSU. The College of Natural Sciences also provides students with the opportunity to seek specialized career counseling from a career education manager in the CSU Career Center. Our services are offered to all Natural Sciences students and alumni in all aspects of their career development. Additionally, pre-health professions advisors are available at the Collaborative for Student Achievement, located in Canvas Stadium, East Building, 1415 Meridian Ave.

The college provides multiple opportunities for students to become engaged outside the classroom, including science-based student organizations, the Amplify Community (a residential learning community), and undergraduate research opportunities.

Education Abroad

Education abroad programs are available to all students in the College of Natural Sciences. Because the knowledge of another culture is valuable in understanding one's own and because culture influences the process of science, students are encouraged to participate in an educational experience outside of the United States as part of their overall program at CSU. Students interested in education abroad should plan, well in advance, by discussing opportunities with their academic advisor and by visiting the Education Abroad Office through the Office of International Programs. The Education Abroad office offers information about credit and non-credit opportunities (service-learning/volunteer, research, internships), as well as support prior to and during travel, information about scholarships and financial aid, and specific resources for adult learners & veterans, students with disabilities, and students from diverse economic, educational, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Graduate Programs

Faculty and graduate students in the College of Natural Sciences are engaged in cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines and the college is proud of the graduate student education it provides. Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered by all departments and a Master of Natural Sciences Education is offered through the college. The college also offers Professional Science Master's in Natural Sciences degrees with specializations in Biological Data Analytics, Microscope Imaging Technology, and Zoo, Aquarium and Animal Shelter Management. For detailed information about graduate degree programs, please consult the appropriate department and see the Graduate and Professional Bulletin.