The Professional Science Master's in Natural Sciences – Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management Specialization is a unique opportunity to blend business skills and applied science with a specific focus on helping animal organizations. Our two-year Professional Science Master’s degree program focuses on experiential learning and development of skills in addition to academic learning. 

The PSM in Natural Sciences – Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management Specialization is an affiliated Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree. Affiliation is administered by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs (formerly named PSM National Office) to ensure a strong and distinctive PSM brand. PSMs are designed for students who are seeking a graduate degree in science or mathematics and understand the need for developing workplace skills valued by top employers.


Effective Fall 2020

ANEQ 522Animal Metabolism3
NSCI 579/VS 579Animal Behavior in Captive Populations3
NSCI 601/PHIL 601Master of Profess. Natural Sciences Ethics1
NSCI 611Leadership in Animal Organizations3
NSCI 621Workplace Wellness - Animal Organizations3
NSCI 631Marketing for Animal Organizations3
NSCI 687AMPNS Internship: Preparation4
NSCI 687BMPNS Internship: Project6
NSCI 693Seminar--MPNS4
Professional skills electives (select from the list below with approval of advisor)11-12
Program Total Credits:41-42

A minimum of 41 credits are required to complete this program.  

Professional Skills Electives

BZ 415Marine Biology4
BZ 515Physiological Ecology of Marine Vertebrates3
FW 300Biology and Diversity of Fishes2
FW 405Fish Physiology3
FW 540Fisheries Ecology3
ANEQ 315Equine Behavior2
ANTH 370Primates3
ANTH 375Evolution of Primate Behavior3
BMS 325Cellular Neurobiology3
BMS 505/NB 505Neuronal Circuits, Systems and Behavior3
BZ 430Animal Behavior and Conservation3
BZ 433Behavioral Genetics4
BZ 466Biological Basis of Animal Behavior4
BZ 479/VS 479Biology and Behavior of Dogs3
BZ 505Cognitive Ecology3
BZ 535Behavioral Ecology3
PSY 600EAdvanced Psychology: Animal Learning3
ANEQ 310Animal Reproduction3
ANEQ 312Animal Ultrasonography2
ANEQ 328Foundations in Animal Genetics3
ANEQ 330Principles of Animal Breeding3
ANEQ 334Principles of Equine Genetics3
BMS 521Comparative Reproductive Physiology3
BMS 640Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology4
BMS 642Research Techniques for Gametes and Embryos1
BZ 346Population and Evolutionary Genetics3
BZ 577/MIP 577Computer Analysis in Population Genetics2
BZ 578/MIP 578Genetics of Natural Populations4
Comparative Physiology/Taxonomy
BZ 329Herpetology3
BZ 330Mammalogy3
BZ 335Ornithology3
BZ 401Comparative Animal Physiology3
FW 300Biology and Diversity of Fishes2
Companion Animal
ANEQ 322Pet Nutrition2
BZ 479/VS 479Biology and Behavior of Dogs3
SOWK 550Animal Assisted Therapy and Human-Animal Bond3
Education and Human Dimensions
EDRM 707Quantitative Data Collection Methods/Analysis3
EDRM 708Narrative Inquiry3
EDRM 711Ethnographic Research3
NRRT 505Environmental Education History and Theory3
NRRT 506Methods in Environmental Education Research3
NRRT 507Environmental Education Planning3
NRRT 508Current Issues in Environmental Education3
Habitat Design
HORT 331Landscape Design2
LAND 365Landscape Contract Drawing and Specifications3
LAND 366Landscape Design Expression4
ANEQ 322Pet Nutrition2
ANEQ 323Zoo Nutrition2
ANEQ 345Principles of Nutrition: Equine Applications3
ANEQ 720Nutritional Energetics3
ANEQ 725Rumen Metabolism3
NR 367Concepts in Vertebrate Nutrition3
BUS 500Business Systems and Processes2
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 615Managerial Accounting2
FIN 305Fundamentals of Finance3
MKT 370Digital Marketing3
NR 401Techniques in Public Relations2
NR 501Leadership and Public Communications3
NR 535Action for Sustainable Behavior3
NR 555Preparation of Grant Proposals2
NRRT 460Tourism Event and Conference Planning3
NRRT 471Starting and Managing Tourism Enterprise3