The faculty of CSU considers freedom of discussion, inquiry, and expression to be in keeping with the history and traditions of our country and to be a cornerstone of education in a democracy. CSU is committed to valuing and respecting diversity, including respect for diverse viewpoints. If any members of our campus community (students, faculty, or staff) feel that they have been treated unfairly because of their views, they should contact the Student Resolution Center. The policy of CSU is to encourage members of the CSU community to engage in discussion, to exchange ideas and opinions, and to speak, write, and publish freely in accordance with the guarantees and limitations of our state and national constitutions.

Faculty and students have not only a right, but also a responsibility, to examine critically the insights, understandings, values, issues, and concerns which have evolved in the various areas of human activity. Consequently, it is the policy of the University that CSU-registered student organizations may extend invitations for guest lecturers, exhibitors, performers, and exhibitions of works of art with no restrictions of form or content other than those imposed or permissible by law. It is understood that inviting a speaker, performer, or exhibit does not imply concurrence of the CSU or of the sponsoring organization with the opinions, beliefs, or values expressed.

In exercising their rights, members of the CSU community should understand that the public may judge the institution by their actions. Hence, they should at all times strive to be honest and accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, and show appropriate respect for the opinions of others.