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To cultivate generations of global citizens and thriving communities through collaboration, experience, and exchange of knowledge.

The Colorado State University Todos Santos Center

The Colorado State University Todos Santos Center is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. As the international extension of the university, the Center answers the call of a 21st-century land-grant institution on a global scale by utilizing education to build bridges between the United States and Mexico, between students and faculty, and between research and action.

The Center combines education, outreach, research, and access for CSU students, students in the regional community, and area residents. CSU’s educational resources and expertise combine with natural, cultural, and historical aspects offered by the community to create expansive possibilities in research, learning, and experiences.

Unique, once-in-a-lifetime programs at the Colorado State University Todos Santos Center

The Center provides a variety of research opportunities and hands-on educational experiences that complement existing CSU curriculum, allowing students to have an international experience without delaying graduation.

Students who study in Todos Santos grow as responsible ambassadors of CSU and the United States, learn through immersion in Mexican culture and ecosystems, and work alongside Mexican students, faculty, and citizens.

Students can:

  • Explore the challenges, successes, and community priorities of Baja California Sur
  • Collaborate and co-create activities to address global challenges
  • Support and further regional initiatives and priorities as identified through a community needs assessment process
  • Engage individually and collectively in actions promoting desired changes

Programs are currently available in the following areas of study:

  • Semester study in sustainability, environmental and culture, and other topics
  • Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • Various outreach, service learning, and leadership programs
  • Custom research projects and internships
  • Veterinary medicine
  • And more

Please contact Education Abroad or for additional information.

Why are students choosing to study at CSU Todos Santos?

  • Hands-on, immersive, experiential education
  • Explore global challenges within a community setting
  • Learn about the language, culture, people, animals, and ecosystems of Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • Interact and work alongside Mexican youth, college students, residents, and organizations in Baja California Sur
  • Explore what it means to develop cultural intelligence

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