Colorado Re-Engaged (CORE) Initiative

The Colorado Re-Engaged (CORE) Initiative (HB 21-1330) allows four-year institutions in the State of Colorado to award an associate degree to eligible students who have stopped-out from a baccalaureate program after earning at least 70 credit hours. 


Eligibility for a degree through the Colorado Re-Engaged (CORE) Initiative is outlined through HB 21-1330.  The Office of the Registrar will determine student eligibility for an Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.) and work to contact students based on their contact information within our student information system. Students are required to confirm their desire to have their AGS degree awarded prior to CSU issuing the credential. 

Student eligibility requirements:

  • Earned at least 70 credit hours
  • Did not earn a bachelor’s degree from CSU or another four-year institution
  • Stopped-out (unenrolled) from a bachelor’s program for at least two consecutive semesters; summer terms do not apply
  • Stopped-out within the last 10 years
  • Cannot be eligible for an associate degree through Colorado’s Reverse Transfer program (i.e., earned 15 or more credits from a Colorado two-year institution before transferring to the four-year institution)

Students meeting CORE eligibility requirements will be awarded an Associate of General Studies from Colorado State University. 

  • Associate of General Studies eligibility – student completed at least 15 credits of distributed GT Pathway General Education coursework as it applies to the CSU All University Core Curriculum (AUCC) and a total of 15 credits in residence at CSU, in addition to having a total of 70 semester credits on record.* 

Learn more by visiting the Colorado Re-Engaged (CORE) Initiative website.

*Note: Students who have been awarded the AGS degree and return to CSU to earn a bachelor’s degree will be required to complete any remaining AUCC requirements.

Effective Fall 2023

Students must have completed a total of 70 credits, and 15 of those credits must have been completed at CSU for eligibility to be awarded the AGS degree at CSU.

Code Title AUCC Credits
Select a minimum of 15 credits from the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC): 15
Intermediate Writing 1A 3
Quantitative Reasoning 1B 3
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 1C 3
Advanced Writing 2 3
Biological and Physical Sciences 3A 7
Arts and Humanities 3B 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3C 3
Historical Perspectives 3D 3
Electives 45
Program Total Credits 60