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The College of Liberal Arts is a community of arts, humanities, and social science scholars who study the cultural, social, environmental, and historical context in which we live, and examine what it means to be human. Our students and faculty share a commitment to the well-being of the human community, the natural environment in which we live, and to the inspiration of the human spirit.

Undergraduate Majors

Interdisciplinary Majors

Undergraduate Minors

Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Minors

For a complete list of departmental program offerings (including certificates), see individual department catalog pages.

College-Wide Graduate Programs


Master's Programs

The College of Liberal Arts aims to educate committed and active citizens and to develop in them an understanding of humans, including their history, literature, and art; their social, political, and economic systems; and their relationship to the environment. The College offers courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, which constitute the foundation of a liberal arts education.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate majors lead to one of four degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, or Bachelor of Science. Descriptions of the specific departmental and interdepartmental majors and concentrations in the College of Liberal Arts are located in the following pages. Students should consider simultaneously completing the requirements of a second major or a departmental or interdisciplinary minor, either in the College of Liberal Arts or in another college. With careful planning, numerous combinations are possible within four years of study. The minimum scholastic average acceptable for graduation in any college program is a 2.000 average in all major courses in addition to the university’s overall grade point average requirement of 2.000 for CSU courses.

Change of Major

To change your major, you can either call the College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Center at 970-491-3117, or send an email to More information is available on the College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Center website.

Undergraduate Career Opportunities and Career Counseling

Graduates from the College of Liberal Arts enter a remarkable variety of careers. Degrees from the College of Liberal Arts prepare students for success in their professional, personal, and civic lives. The skills and dispositions students develop through study in the liberal arts are widely sought. In preparing themselves for future career opportunities students are encouraged to work closely with Academic Support Coordinators, departmental mentors, and career counselors. Through these conversations students will be encouraged to develop resumes, interviewing skills, and articulation of the ways in which their skills will benefit potential employers. Students should also consider participating in internships to gain practical work experience. 


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Prelaw advisor: Gina Robinson
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Students preparing for law school can choose any major. Law schools seek above-average students with broad educational backgrounds and excellent communication, and analytical skills. Prelaw students, regardless of major, should design a course of study that develops their skills in speaking, writing and analytical capabilities. Law schools require an undergraduate degree for admission. Visit the Department of Political Science for more information. 

Education Abroad

Because the knowledge of at least one other culture is valuable in understanding our own, students are encouraged to take a semester or longer to study outside of the United States as part of their overall program at CSU. Students interested in education abroad should plan, far in advance, by discussing opportunities with their advisor and by visiting the Office of International Programs in Laurel Hall. 

Graduate Programs

A variety of liberal arts advanced degrees are available in the College. Academic degrees offered are Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Music. The last two are generally considered professional degrees. 

The College offers three interdisciplinary master’s degrees. The Department of Anthropology and Geography offers a master’s degree in Anthropology with a specialization in International Development, with courses from across CSU. The Departments of English and Languages, Literatures and Cultures offer a joint master’s program in foreign languages and the teaching of English as a second/foreign language. The LEAP Institute for the Arts offers a Master's in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management in collaboration with the College of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and others, that prepares students for leadership opportunities within and outside of the creative sector. Information on all three degree programs may be obtained from any participating department.

For detailed information about graduate programs, contact individual departments. See also the Graduate and Professional Bulletin.