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Andrea Duffy, Director

The Global Studies Interdisciplinary Minor is designed to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for peoples and cultures around the world. It includes a choice of courses in various disciplines that emphasize international and global history, politics, languages and cultures, economics, and environmental issues. Three required interdisciplinary core courses integrate and expand on these themes. This program provides critical cultural context for students pursuing any major, and it is available to both resident and distance learners. Students enrolled in the International Studies major are not eligible for this minor.

Effective Fall 2021

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Required Courses
INST 200Interdisciplinary Approaches to Globalization3
INST 301International Studies Research Methods3
Select one course from the following:3
Cultures and the Global System (GT-SS3)
Introduction to Geography (GT-SS2)
Select a minimum of 12 credits from the three categories listed below, including at least one course from each category. At least 9 credits must be upper-division (300-to 400-level):12
Program Total Credits:21

Languages and Cultures

AM 363Historic Costume3
ANTH 100Introductory Cultural Anthropology (GT-SS3)3
ANTH 310Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
ANTH 312Modern Indian Culture and Society3
ANTH 313Modernization and Development3
ANTH 314Southeast Asian Cultures and Societies3
ANTH 315Global Mobilities–The African Diaspora3
ANTH 317Anthropology of Human Rights3
ANTH 322The Anthropology of Religion3
ANTH 329Cultural Change3
ANTH 330Human Ecology3
ANTH 335Language and Culture3
ANTH 336Art and Culture3
ANTH 338Gender and Anthropology3
ANTH 351Archaeology of Europe and Africa3
ANTH 411Indians of South America3
ANTH 413Indigenous Peoples Today3
ANTH 415Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World3
ANTH 416Gender, Culture, and Health3
ANTH 423Cultural Psychiatry3
ANTH 438Approaches to Community-Based Development3
ANTH 439Community Mobilization3
ANTH 441Method in Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 447Gender Equity in Development3
ANTH 448Development and Empowerment3
ANTH 451Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory3
ANTH 459Mediterranean Archaeology3
ART 110Global Art History I3
ART 111Global Art History II3
ART 212Global Art History III3
ART 309Pre-Columbian Art of the Andes3
ART 310History of American Art to 19453
ART 311Art of West and Central Africa3
ART 312Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica3
ART 313Art of East and Southern Africa3
ART 316Art of the Pacific3
ART 320Global Encounters in Art3
ART 410Greek Art3
ART 411History of Medieval Art3
ART 412History of Renaissance Art3
ART 414History of Baroque and Rococo Art3
ART 415History of 19th Century European Art3
ART 416History of European Art, 1900 to 19453
ART 417Roman Art3
E 142Reading Without Borders (GT-AH2)3
E 238Contemporary Global Fiction (GT-AH2)3
E 242Reading Shakespeare (GT-AH2)3
E 245World Drama (GT-AH2)3
E 276British Literature--Medieval Period to 1800 (GT-AH2)3
E 277British Literature--After 1800 (GT-AH2)3
E 330Gender in World Literature3
E 337Western Mythology3
E 339Literature of the Earth3
E 344Shakespeare3
E 356Asian Literature3
E 424English Renaissance3
E 425Restoration and 18th Century Literature3
E 426British Romanticism3
E 427Victorian Age3
E 428Postcolonial Literature3
E 430Eighteenth-Century English Fiction3
E 43119th-Century English Fiction3
E 43220th-Century British Fiction3
E 443English Renaissance Drama3
E 444Restoration and 18th-Century Drama3
E 445Modern British and European Drama3
E 451Medieval Literature3
E 452Masterpieces of European Literature3
E 455European Literature after 19003
E 460Chaucer3
E 463Milton3
ETST 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies (GT-SS3)3
ETST 130West Africa in Global and Local Perspective1
ETST 205Ethnicity and the Media (GT-SS3)3
ETST 239/E 239Introduction to Chicano Literature3
ETST 254La Chicana in Society3
ETST 256Border Crossings--People/Politics/Culture (GT-SS3)3
ETST 332Contemporary Chicanx Issues3
ETST 352/SOWK 352Indigenous Women, Children, and Tribes3
ETST 370Caribbean Identities3
ETST 371The Modern Caribbean3
ETST 412Africa and African Diaspora3
ETST 425Indigenous Film and Video3
ETST 441Indigenous Knowledges3
GR 213Climate Migrants3
GR 320Cultural Geography3
JTC 316Multiculturalism and the Media3
JTC 412International Mass Communication3
LARA 300Third Year Arabic3
LARA 301Oral Communication - Arabic3
LCHI 304Third-Year Chinese I3
LCHI 305Third-Year Chinese II3
LCHI 309Contemporary Chinese Literature and the Arts3
LCHI 365Introduction to Chinese Cinema Studies3
LCHI 408Chinese Calligraphy1
LFRE 300Reading and Writing for Communication-French3
LFRE 301Oral Communication-French3
LFRE 310Approaches to French Literature3
LFRE 312Introduction to French Linguistics3
LFRE 313Introduction to French Translation and Interpreting3
LFRE 326French Phonetics3
LFRE 335Issues in French/Francophone Culture3
LFRE 345Business French3
LFRE 35520th Century French Literature3
LFRE 365Introduction to French Cinema Studies3
LFRE 400Advanced French Communication Skills3
LFRE 413Advanced French Translation and Interpreting3
LFRE 433AAdvanced French/Francophone Culture: Representations3
LFRE 433BAdvanced French/Francophone Culture: Center and Margins3
LFRE 441Advanced Business French3
LFRE 450Selected French Literary Movements and Periods3
LFRE 452Genre Studies in French3
LFRE 453Author Studies in French3
LFRE 454Topic Studies in French3
LFRE 460French/Francophone Women Writers3
LFRE 470French Grammatical Constructions3
LGEN 365Introduction to Cinema Studies3
LGEN 382/ETST 382Italian Ethnic Identity, Culture, and Gender3
LGER 300Reading and Writing for Communication-German3
LGER 301Oral Communication-German3
LGER 310Approaches to German Literature3
LGER 313Introduction to German Translation and Interpreting3
LGER 326German Phonetics3
LGER 335Issues in German Culture3
LGER 336Issues in Swiss and Austrian Culture3
LGER 345Business German3
LGER 35520th Century German Literature3
LGER 365Introduction to German Cinema Studies3
LGER 400Advanced German Communication Skills3
LGER 401Advanced German Oral Communication3
LGER 413Advanced German Translation and Interpreting3
LGER 434Advanced German Culture3
LGER 441Advanced Business German3
LGER 450Selected German Literary Movements and Periods3
LGER 452Genre Studies in German3
LGER 453Author Studies in German3
LGER 454Topic Studies in German3
LGER 465Advanced Studies in German Film3
LJPN 304Third-Year Japanese I3
LJPN 305Third-Year Japanese II3
LJPN 365Introduction to Japanese Cinema Studies3
LJPN 404Historical Aspects of the Language and Society3
LJPN 405Integrated Japanese: Beyond Words3
LJPN 408Advanced Kanji Study1
LRUS 304Third-Year Russian I3
LRUS 305Third-Year Russian II3
LRUS 350Russian Culture3
LRUS 365Introduction to Russian Cinema Studies3
LSPA 300Reading and Writing for Communication-Spanish3
LSPA 301Oral Communication-Spanish3
LSPA 310Approaches to Spanish Literature3
LSPA 312Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
LSPA 313Introduction to Spanish Translation and Interpreting3
LSPA 326Spanish Phonetics3
LSPA 335Issues in Hispanic Culture3
LSPA 340Spanish for Animal Health and Care Fields3
LSPA 342Spanish for Animal Health and Care Fields II3
LSPA 343Spanish Terminology-Animal Health/Agriculture3
LSPA 345Business Spanish3
LSPA 346Spanish for Health Care3
LSPA 347Spanish for Working with Youth and Families3
LSPA 348Spanish Professional Terminology in Context3
LSPA 365Introduction to Spanish Cinema3
LSPA 400Advanced Spanish Communication Skills3
LSPA 401Advanced Spanish Oral Communication3
LSPA 413Advanced Spanish Translation and Interpreting3
LSPA 435Caribbean Culture in Hispanic Literature3
LSPA 436Advanced Latin American Culture3
LSPA 437Advanced Spanish Culture3
LSPA 441Advanced Business Spanish3
LSPA 442Colonial Latin American Literature3
LSPA 443Spanish Theatre3
LSPA 444The Intercultural Workplace-Animal Health/Ag3
LSPA 445Women Writers in the Hispanic World3
LSPA 449Spanish-American Literary Movements and Periods3
LSPA 450Selected Spanish Literary Movements and Periods3
LSPA 452Genre Studies in Spanish3
LSPA 453Author Studies in Spanish3
LSPA 454Topic Studies in Spanish3
LSPA 465AStudies in Foreign Film: Spain3
LSPA 465BStudies in Foreign Film: Latin America3
LSPA 470Spanish Grammatical Constructions3
MU 131Introduction to Music History and Literature (GT-AH1)3
MU 132Exploring World Music3
MU 334Music History I3
MU 335Music History II3
PHIL 120History and Philosophy of Scientific Thought (GT-AH3)3
PHIL 170World Philosophies (GT-AH3)3
PHIL 171Religions of the West3
PHIL 172Religions of the East3
PHIL 173Philosophy of Traditional Judaism3
PHIL 174World Religions3
PHIL 300Ancient Greek Philosophy3
PHIL 30117th and 18th Century European Philosophy3
PHIL 30219th Century Philosophy3
PHIL 303Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 320Ethics of Sustainability3
PHIL 333Latin American Philosophy3
PHIL 335Islam: Cosmology and Practice3
PHIL 349Philosophies of East Asia3
PHIL 360Topics in Asian Philosophy3
PHIL 370Contemporary Western Religious Thought3
PHIL 371Contemporary Eastern Religious Thought3
PHIL 375Science and Religion3
PHIL 379Mysticism East and West3
PHIL 40920th Century Philosophy3
PHIL 455Islamic Philosophy3
PHIL 479Topics in Comparative Religions3
SPCM 434Intercultural Communication3

History, Politics and Society

HIST 100Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)3
HIST 101Western Civilization, Modern (GT-HI1)3
HIST 115The Islamic World: Late Antiquity to 15003
HIST 116The Islamic World Since 15003
HIST 120Asian Civilizations I (GT-HI1)3
HIST 121Asian Civilizations II (GT-HI1)3
HIST 170World History, Ancient-1500 (GT-HI1)3
HIST 171World History, 1500-Present (GT-HI1)3
HIST 300Ancient Greece to 323 B.C.E.3
HIST 301Roman Republic3
HIST 302Roman Empire3
HIST 303Hellenistic World: Alexander to Cleopatra3
HIST 304Women in Ancient Greece and Rome3
HIST 308Ancient Christianity to 500 A.D.3
HIST 309Medieval Christianity, 500-15003
HIST 310Medieval Europe3
HIST 311Medieval England3
HIST 312Women in Medieval Europe3
HIST 315Tudor Stuart England, 1485-16893
HIST 317Renaissance and Reformation Europe3
HIST 318The Age of the Enlightenment3
HIST 319Early Modern France, 1500-17893
HIST 320Women and Gender in Europe, 1450-17893
HIST 321Industrial Society in Europe, 1600-18713
HIST 322Industrial Society in Europe, 1871-19893
HIST 323Russia Before 17003
HIST 324Imperial Russia3
HIST 325Ireland: Culture, Politics, Society and Nation3
HIST 328Modern Europe, 1815-19143
HIST 329Europe in Crisis, 1914-19413
HIST 330Eastern Europe Since 19183
HIST 331The Soviet Union3
HIST 332Germany Since World War I3
HIST 333Contemporary Europe3
HIST 334European Culture in the 20th Century3
HIST 335Britain in the 20th Century3
HIST 336Germany from Napoleon to WWI3
HIST 338The Holocaust in Historical Perspective3
HIST 339World War II in Europe3
HIST 410Colonial Latin America3
HIST 411Latin America Since Independence3
HIST 412Mexico3
HIST 414Revolutions in Latin America3
HIST 420Africa: Precolonial States and Empires3
HIST 421Africa: Colonialism to Independence3
HIST 422Modern Africa3
HIST 423South African History3
HIST 424East African History3
HIST 431Ancient Israel3
HIST 432Sacred History in the Bible and the Qur'an3
HIST 433Muhammad and the Origins of Islam3
HIST 435Jihad and Reform in Islamic History3
HIST 436The Land of Israel--Past and Present3
HIST 438The Modern Middle East3
HIST 440Modern South Asia: Colonialism and Nationalism3
HIST 441South Asia Since Independence3
HIST 451Medieval China and Central Asia3
HIST 452China in the Modern World, 1600-Present3
HIST 455Tokugawa and Modern Japan, 1600-Present3
HIST 456East Asia in the Age of Empire, 1800-Present3
HIST 461Rise and Fall of British Empire 1600-19473
HIST 463Science and Technology in Modern History3
HIST 464Pacific Wars: Philippines-WWII3
HIST 465Pacific Wars: Korea and Vietnam3
HIST 466U.S.-China Relations Since 18003
HIST 467Modern Jewish History3
HIST 469The Crusades3
IE 179Globalization: Exploring Our Global Village (GT-SS3)3
IE 272World Interdependence - Current Global Issues3
IE 450/SOWK 450International Social Welfare and Development3
IE 471Children and Youth in Global Context3
IE 472Education for Global Peace3
POLS 131Current World Problems (GT-SS1)3
POLS 232International Relations (GT-SS1)3
POLS 241Comparative Government and Politics (GT-SS1)3
POLS 341Western European Government and Politics3
POLS 345Russian, Central, and East European Politics3
POLS 347Comparative Authoritarianism3
POLS 420History of Political Thought3
POLS 431International Law3
POLS 433International Organization3
POLS 436Comparative Foreign Policy3
POLS 437International Security3
POLS 440/GR 440Political Geography3
POLS 443Comparative Social Movements3
POLS 444Comparative African Politics3
POLS 445Comparative Asian Politics3
POLS 446Politics of South America3
POLS 447Politics in Mexico, Central America, Caribbean3
POLS 448Comparative Racial/Ethnic Politics3
POLS 449Middle East Politics3
POLS 462Globalization, Sustainability, and Justice3
SOC 105Social Problems (GT-SS3)3
SOC 332Comparative Majority-Minority Relations3
SOC 333Gender and Society3
SOC 422/ANTH 422Comparative Legal Systems3

Economy and Environment

AGRI 116/IE 116Plants and Civilizations (GT-SS3)3
AGRI 270/IE 270World Interdependence-Population and Food (GT-SS3)3
AM 335Textiles and Apparel Supply Chains3
AM 430International Retailing3
AM 460Historic Textiles3
ANTH 453Impacts on Ancient Environments3
ANTH 479/IE 479International Development Theory and Practice3
AREC 202Agricultural and Resource Economics (GT-SS1)3
AREC 415International Agricultural Trade3
AREC 460Ag- and Resource-Based Economic Development3
BUS 405BContemporary Business Topics: International Business3
DM 470AInternational Design and Merchandising: Apparel2
DM 470BInternational Design and Merchandising: Interior Design2
ECON 101Economics of Social Issues (GT-SS1)3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics (GT-SS1)3
ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)3
ECON 211Gender in the Economy (GT-SS1)3
ECON 240/AREC 240Issues in Environmental Economics (GT-SS1)3
ECON 370Comparative Economic Systems3
ECON 376Marxist Economic Thought3
ECON 440Economics of International Trade and Policy3
ECON 442Economics of International Finance and Policy3
ECON 444/AREC 444Economics of Energy Resources3
ECON 460Economic Development3
ETST 365Global Environmental Justice Movements3
FIN 475International Business Finance3
GES 101Foundations of Environmental Sustainability3
GES 192Global Environmental Sustainability Seminar1
GES 450Global Sustainability and Health3
GES 460Law and Sustainability3
GR 102Geography of Europe and the Americas (GT-SS2)3
GR 305Geography of Global Health3
GR 330Urban Geography3
GR 331Geography of Farming Systems3
GR 415The Geography of Commodities3
HIST 439Environmental History of the Middle East3
HIST 470World Environmental History, 1500-Present3
IE 470Women and Development3
IE 478Managing International Development Programs3
MGT 475International Business Management3
MKT 365International Marketing3
NRRT 320International Issues-Recreation and Tourism3
NRRT 400Environmental Governance3
POLS 332/ECON 332International Political Economy3
POLS 362Global Environmental Politics3
POLS 442Environmental Politics in Developing World3
SOC 220Environment, Food, and Social Justice (GT-SS3)3
SOC 320Population-Natural Resources and Environment3
SOC 322Introduction to Environmental Justice3
SOC 323Soc. of Environmental Cooperation & Conflict3
SOC 364Food, Agriculture and Global Society3
SOC 461Water, Society, and Environment3