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Michelle Stanley, Director

LEAP Institute for the Arts believes knowledge of the arts and cultures of our world are the foundation for career and life, opening possibilities for leadership, entrepreneurship, successful advocacy, and transformative public engagement. This Special Academic Unit (SAU) in the College of Liberal Arts offers the degree of Master in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management. Students completing the degree will be able to meet the rising demand for skilled leaders and experienced management professionals who possess acumen in creative enterprise. The program covers a broad range of knowledge areas in entrepreneurship, events management, project planning, community engagement, financial decision-making, and policy advocacy applicable to careers in multiple career sectors. Emphasis is on development of higher level, transferable skills for lifelong career advancement.

The Master in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management is a 4 semester, 32-credit program. The degree is offered as both a residential a fully online or hybrid program. Information about the program is at Contact LEAP for information on admissions at or call (970) 491-3746.

Effective Summer 2016

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
LEAP 500Leadership in the Arts3
LEAP 600Arts Policy and Advocacy3
LEAP 660Arts Collaboration and the Community3
LEAP 687Internship3
LEAP 692Internship Seminar1
Selected courses (see list below)3
 Total Credits16
Second Year
LEAP 650Arts Events Management3
LEAP 670Law and the Arts3
LEAP 687Internship3
LEAP 692Internship Seminar1
Selected courses (see list below)6
 Total Credits16
 Program Total Credits:32
Select course(s) from the following list of approved courses in consultation with advisor and committee.
BUS 500Business Systems and Processes2
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 615Managerial Accounting2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
BUS 625Organizational Communication2
BUS 626Managing Human Capital2
BUS 655Marketing Management2
CIS 570Business Intelligence3
ECON 304Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECON 376Marxist Economic Thought3
EDOD 506Human Resource Development3
EDOD 672Change Facilitation3
EDOD 673Plan and Implement Change Interventions3
EDOD 675Design, Develop, Implement Workplace Learning3
EDOD 678Assess Change Interventions3
EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
EDRM 702Foundations of Educational Research3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 651Multicultural and Special Populations3
EDUC 670Grant Writing3
ETST 503Contemporary Ethnic Studies Issues3
FIN 601Financial Management and Markets3
HDFS 609Prevention Program Evaluation3
JTC 550Public Relations3
JTC 650Strategic Communications3
LEAP 310Creative Industries Career Management3
MGT 340Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
MGT 360Social and Sustainable Venturing3
MGT 420New Venture Creation3
MGT 679Principles of Strategic Management3
MKT 479Marketing Strategy and Management3
MKT 600Marketing Management and Strategy3
MKT 621Search Engine Marketing and Optimization1
MKT 667Services Marketing Management1
PHIL 318Aesthetics-Visual Arts3
PHIL 348Philosophy of Literature and the Arts3
POLS 351Public Administration3
POLS 460Public Policy Process3
POLS 465Public Policy Analysis3
POLS 550/PPA 550Advanced Public Administration3
POLS 665/PPA 665Public Policy Analysis3
PPA 553Public Organization Theory3
SOC 302Contemporary Sociological Theory3
SOC 540Community Sociology3
SPCM 632Theories of Interpersonal Communication3
SPCM 633Discourse, Work, and Organization3
SPCM 634Communication and Cultural Diversity3
SPCM 639Communication Theory3
SPCM 647Media Industries3
SPCM 650Contemporary Issues in Media3