Anthropology focuses on the evolution of the human condition and provides a cross-cultural view of humanity. The description and explanation of human activities in other societies and during different periods of time provides a sense of perspective for individuals operating within their own culture. A minor may be focused on one or more of the sub-disciplinary divisions such as biology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, or applied anthropology. The minor may also be distributed across the fields, similar to the requirements of the major.

To declare this minor, please visit Clark B 218.

Effective Fall 2001

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Code Title AUCC Credits
Lower Division
Select one from the following: 3
Introductory Cultural Anthropology (GT-SS3) 3C
Cultures and the Global System (GT-SS3) 1C
ANTH 120 Human Origins and Variation (GT-SC2) 3A 3
ANTH 121 Human Origins and Variation Laboratory (GT-SC1) 3A 1
ANTH 140 Introduction to Archaeology (GT-HI1) 3D 3
Upper Division
Any combination of upper-division anthropology courses 12
Program Total Credits: 22