The English department at CSU is a vibrant and diverse community. We are home to poets and linguists, literacy researchers and teacher educators, novelists and literary scholars, composition specialists and writers of creative nonfiction. We share a passion for exploring the multiple and dynamic ways that the English language is used to meet the demands of life in the twenty-first century. Students, staff, and faculty are committed to inclusive excellence, intellectual growth, and the creation of a more just and sustainable world.

English majors develop an understanding of diverse cultures, literary traditions, and great works of English, American, and world literature. Students expand their ability to analyze a variety of texts and view them through the lenses of diverse critical perspectives. Majors develop the ability to write for both specialized and general audiences. Students can choose from five concentrations: Creative Writing, English Education, Linguistics, Literature, or Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in English, the accomplished graduate shall be able to:

  • work with, explain, or analyze English-language writings of the broadest textual range with an eye practiced in close-reading, historical context, and rigorous critical judgment;
  • write with flexibility, effectiveness, and originality for diverse rhetorical purposes and audiences;
  • read and write with technical awareness of language foundations, contexts of literacy, multi-modal environments, and theories of discourse and meaning; and
  • integrate English literacy (disciplinary methods of reading and analysis) with interdisciplinary knowledge and action.

Potential Careers

The myth of the unemployed English major is just that—a myth!

Our major prepares students to be engaging communicators, creative and convincing writers, empathetic collaborators, ethical decision-makers and problem-solvers, and compassionate global citizens—all traits top employers continue to seek out and prioritize. These skills translate to a wide variety of exciting careers in environmental justice, tech, business, healthcare, education, law, marketing & PR, policy, and more. As an English major, you'll not only discover how to cultivate a meaningful life, but also build a fulfilling career.

The department encourages experiential education by offering a host of pre-professional internship opportunities—in writing, research, teaching, community engagement, social media, publishing, and more. Additionally, we promote multiple English-recommended education abroad programs: Gain firsthand experience in sustainability practices in Denmark, explore Shakespeare's lasting footprint in Oxford, England, or dive into community education and health in Zambia.

Depending on a student’s interests, the electives taken, or the concentration selected, available career choices for English majors include:

  • Teacher of English language arts or English as a foreign/second language
  • Attorney and paralegal
  • Arts administrator
  • Communications and events coordinator
  • Podcast writer/producer
  • Human resource manager
  • Medical professional
  • Brand copywriter
  • Technical writer for business, industry, or science
  • Social media manager
  • Poet, short fiction writer, novelist, YA author, essayist, writer of memoir
  • Literary translator
  • Nonprofit program coordinator
  • Digital marketing and content strategist
  • Community engagement officer
  • Grant writer
  • Project manager
  • Counselor and therapist
  • Web content designer
  • Literary agent and more!