The Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Natural Sciences, Microscope Imaging Technology Specialization program prepares graduate students for employment as microscopists or managers of light microscope cores in academic, government or private sector businesses, or in research laboratories.  Students gain the scientific, business, and communication skills required to be competitive for management jobs in these positions. Students learn how to analyze images, automate data collection and analysis, deal with large data sets, and interface between bioscientists and engineers for experimental design, selecting the optimal imaging system, and in data acquisition and interpretation. Students also obtain skills for business management and operation.

The PSM in Natural Sciences, Microscope Imaging Technology Specialization is an affiliated Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree. Affiliation is administered by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs (formerly named PSM National Office) to ensure a strong and distinctive PSM brand. The PSM is designed for students who are seeking a graduate degree in science or mathematics and understand the need for developing workplace skills valued by top employers.


Effective Fall 2019

Students may need to take additional coursework in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics.

BC 565Molecular Regulation of Cell Function4
BC 665AAdvanced Topics in Cell Regulation: Microscopic Methods2
GRAD 510Fundamentals of High Performance Computing3
GRAD 544Ethical Conduct of Research1
GRAD 550STEM Communication1
MGT 340Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
NSCI 677Microscopic Image Collection & Processing2
NSCI 687DInternship: Microscopy (4 x 10 weeks; var. Cr)8
NSCI 693DGraduate Seminar: Microscopy1
NSCI 696DGroup Study: Microscopy Proposal6
Select one of the following Business/Marketing electives:2-3
Foundations for Business Impact
Business Communication–Multicultural Audience
Leadership and Social Responsibility
New Venture Management
Select one:2
Comprehensive Biochemistry Laboratory
Techniques in Molecular & Cellular Biology
Program Total Credits:35-36

A minimum of 35 credits are required to complete this program.