A female student holds up a fish she caught while fishing on a Colorado river.

The minor in Zoology is a useful complement to a major in animal science, fishery biology, geology, natural resource recreation and tourism, or wildlife biology.

Department of Biology Undergraduate Programs

Effective Fall 2023

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Lower Division
BZ 212Animal Biology-Invertebrates4
BZ 214Animal Biology-Vertebrates4
LIFE 102Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1)4
LIFE 103Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants (GT-SC1)4
Upper Division
Select a minimum of 12 credits in zoologically oriented courses from the list below.12
Program Total Credits:28

Upper Division Course List

ANEQ 320Principles of Animal Nutrition3
ANEQ 322Pet Nutrition2
ANEQ 323Zoo Nutrition2
ANTH 470Paleontology Field School4
BMS 300Principles of Human Physiology4
BMS 305Domestic Animal Gross Anatomy4
BSPM 302Applied and General Entomology2
BSPM 303AEntomology Laboratory: General2
BSPM 423Evolution and Classification of Insects3
BZ 300Animal Behavior3
BZ 311Developmental Biology4
BZ 329A
BZ 329B
Herpetology: Lecture
and Herpetology: Laboratory
BZ 330A
BZ 330B
Mammalogy: Lecture
and Mammalogy: Laboratory
BZ 335Ornithology3
BZ 340Field Mammalogy4
BZ 342Exploring Range Shifts in a Changing World3
BZ 348/MATH 348Theory of Population and Evolutionary Ecology4
BZ 349Tropical Ecology and Evolution3
BZ 350Molecular and General Genetics4
BZ 360Bioinformatics and Genomics4
BZ 384Supervised College Teaching1-5
BZ 401Comparative Animal Physiology3
BZ 415Marine Biology4
BZ 418Ecology of Infectious Diseases4
BZ 420Evolutionary Medicine3
BZ 424/BSPM 424Principles of Systematic Science3
BZ 425Conservation and Population Genomics3
BZ 430Animal Behavior and Conservation3
BZ 433Behavioral Genetics3
BZ 435AStudy Abroad--Honduras: Field Course--Dolphin Behavior and Physiology2
BZ 435BStudy Abroad--Mexico: Practices in Marine Biology and Ecology3
BZ 449AStudy Abroad: Ecology/Conservation–Ecuadorian Biodiversity4
BZ 455Human Heredity and Birth Defects3
BZ 460Genome Evolution4
BZ 462/MIP 462/BSPM 462Parasitology and Vector Biology5
BZ 471Stream Biology and Ecology3
BZ 472Stream Biology and Ecology Laboratory1
BZ 475Marine Mammalogy3
BZ 476/BZ 576Genetics of Model Organisms3
BZ 477Genome Editing Laboratory2
BZ 478/VS 478Biology and Behavior of Cats3
BZ 479/VS 479Biology and Behavior of Dogs3
BZ 487Internship1-12
BZ 492ASeminar: Behavior1-3
BZ 492BSeminar: Ecology1-3
BZ 492CSeminar: Genetics1-3
BZ 492DSeminar: Ornithology1-3
BZ 492ESeminar: Herpetology1-3
BZ 492FSeminar: Evolution1-3
BZ 495Independent Study1-3
BZ 498Laboratory or Field Research1-6
BZ 505Cognitive Ecology3
BZ 510Zoophysiological Ecology3
BZ 515Physiological Ecology of Marine Vertebrates3
BZ 525Advanced Conservation & Evolutionary Genomics4
BZ 535Behavioral and Cognitive Ecology3
BZ 565/MIP 565Next Generation Sequencing Platform/Libraries1
FW 300Biology and Diversity of Fishes2
FW 301Ichthyology Laboratory1
FW 400Conservation of Fish in Aquatic Ecosystems3
FW 405Fish Physiology3
LIFE 320Ecology3
MIP 315Pathology of Human and Animal Disease3
MIP 342Immunology4
MIP 343Immunology Laboratory2
NR 312Applied Insect Ecology3