The Master of Extension Education (M.Ext.Ed.) is designed to train specialists to work in the broad field of Extension or a related outreach field. The program will include course work on the principles and programming of Extension as well as training on evaluation and teaching strategies in Extension settings. Students in the program will also be expected to complete an internship experience in Extension. The goal of the program is to develop the skill sets necessary to become a qualified Extension specialist. 

Prior to Fall 2017, the title of this program was the Master of Agricultural Extension Education (M.A.E.E.). 

Effective Fall 2017

Required Courses
AGED 510American Agricultural Values and Ideology3
AGED 525Agricultural and Extension Teaching3
AGED 587Internship in Extension2
AGED 600Evaluation and Applied Research in Extension3
AGRI 546Principles of Cooperative Extension3
AGRI 547Delivery of Cooperative Extension Programs4
Education Course Electives
Select a minimum of 9 credits from AGED, AGRI, EDAE, HDFS, JTC, and SOWK courses at the 500-level or above with approval of the student's graduate advisor. 19
Select a minimum of 9 credits discplinary course work at the 500-level or above with approval of the student's graduate advisor. 19
Program Total Credits:36

A minimum of 36 credits are required to complete this program. Of the 36 minimum credits required for this program, at least 24 credits must be earned at CSU. No independent study, research, supervised college teaching, or practicum credits may apply toward the degree.