This program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of marketing data analytics as a specialization in the MBA program. Data analytics is a rapidly growing field, part of which has occurred in the domain of marketing and marketing research. Data analytics involves defining problems surrounding marketing questions, such as customer relationship management, consumer behavior, customer service, pricing, sales force management, advertising, business-to-business and channels relationships. Once problems are defined, data analysts are responsible for gathering the right information (the data) to solve the problem and applying sophisticated data analytics tools to provide empirical answers. An important part of the process is to present and explain the data findings to a marketing audience. Marketing action is generally taken based on data definition, gathering, manipulation, and analysis.

Program Learning Goals:

Students demonstrate the ability to:

  • Obtain, combine, clean, transform, validate, and analyze large and small datasets from multiple sources.
  • Design and implement databases and other data collection systems.
  • Apply marketing research methodologies and systems, such as segmentation modeling, targeting, CRM, and ROI projections and evaluation.
  • Perform statistical analysis and interpretation of data in order to uncover actionable intelligence and trends that provide value to marketing and business.
  • Present and interpret data in a meaningful way to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop high quality reports, dashboards, and visualizations with marketing data.
  • Add to the ability of marketing managers to make optimal decisions on important marketing variables such as marketing segmentation, market positioning, new product design, pricing strategies, advertising choice, and others.

Effective Fall 2023

Required Core Courses:
BUS 500Foundations for Business Impact2
BUS 601Quantitative Business Analysis2
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
BUS 626Managing Human Capital2
BUS 630Information Management2
BUS 640Financial Principles and Practice2
BUS 655Marketing Management2
BUS 656Marketing Strategy and Planning2
Select two courses from the following:4
Managerial Accounting
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Business Economics for the World Market
Financial Markets and Investments
Select one course from the following:3
Business Data Visualization
Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration
Required Specialization Courses:
CIS 505Database Concepts1
CIS 570Business Intelligence3
CIS 575Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business3
MKT 610Qualitative Marketing Research Methods1
MKT 621Search Engine Marketing and Optimization1
MKT 650Data Analytics2
MKT 651Applied Data Analytics2
MKT 670Digital Marketing1
MKT 686Marketing Practicum2
Select 1 credit elective with approval of graduate advisor.1
Program Total Credits:42

A minimum of 42 credits are required to complete this program.