The Master of Engineering, Plan C, Advanced Manufacturing Specialization is an on-campus or online degree program focused on providing students with the competencies, skills, and experience to advance in careers in a manufacturing industry. The curriculum includes subjects in manufacturing processes and process control, factory systems and supply chains, business fundamentals and the product development process. This is a coursework-only degree program with no thesis requirement.

Effective Summer 2023

MECH 411Manufacturing Engineering3
MECH 502Advanced/Additive Manufacturing Engineering3
Select 24 credits from the list of courses below:24
Foundational Courses:
Injection Molding
Simulation Modeling and Experimentation
Advanced Composite Materials
Materials Engineering
Laser Applications in Mechanical Engineering
Composites Product Development
Automation & Simulation:
Engineering Optimization: Method/Application
Control Systems
Probabilistic Design
Advanced Mechanical Systems
Fundamentals of Robot Mechanics and Controls
Processing of Materials:
Engineering of Nanomaterials
Materials Selection for Mechanical Design
Processing of Polymer Composites
Materials Science & Engineering Methods: Materials Structure and Scattering
Materials Science & Engineering Methods: Materials Microscopy
Materials Science & Engineering Methods: Bulk Properties and Performance
Materials Science & Engineering Methods: Experimental Methods for Materials Research
Program Total Credits:30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.1


Of the 30 minimum credits required for this program, at least 21 credits must be at the 500-level or above and earned at CSU.