School of Ed Adult Learning

Teaching adult learners requires a different skill set from teaching younger learners. Often, those who teach adults have knowledge in their area of expertise, but limited training in how to teach effectively. Students who earn the Graduate Certificate in Facilitating Adult Learning gain the practical skills needed to effectively design and deliver instruction for adult learners within a variety of settings including higher education, workplace training, and community settings.

Effective Summer 2020

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Required Courses:
EDAE 620Processes and Methods3
EDAE 624Adult Teaching and Learning I3
EDAE 639Instructional Design3
Choose one elective below:3
Education-Adult Education and Training Courses
EDAE 500-579
EDAE 600-679
Education-Counseling and Career Development
Career and Employment Concepts
Multicultural and Special Populations
Education-Organizational Learning Performance and Change
Human Resource Development
On-Demand Learning–Improving Performance
Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language
Program Total Credits:12

*This certificate may have courses in common with other graduate certificates. A student may earn more than one certificate, but a given course may be counted only in one certificate.