The M.Ed. in Education and Human Resource Studies, Educational Leadership with K-12 Principal Licensure Specialization is a 15-month cohort program that focuses on the development and licensing of P-12 school administrators who are interested in gaining skills to lead either at the building or district level. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, a minimum of 3-years of licensed teaching or special service provider experience and demonstrate leadership potential. The goal of this program is to develop highly qualified leaders whose practice is grounded in research and theory. The program is designed using a relationship-based model that incorporates hybrid instructional formats tailored toward full-time, working educators. The program addresses growing needs for highly qualified educational leaders in P-12 school systems.

Learning Outcomes

To prepare administrators who:

- Demonstrate organizational leadership by strategically developing a vision and mission, leading change, enhancing the capacity of personnel, distributing resources, and aligning systems of communication for continuous school improvement.

- Demonstrate inclusive leadership practices that foster a positive school culture and promote safety and equity for all students, staff, and community.

- Demonstrate instructional leadership by aligning curriculum, instruction and assessment, supporting professional learning, conducting observations, providing actionable feedback, and holding staff accountable for student outcomes.

- Demonstrate professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection, and external leadership.

Effective Fall 2023 

EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
EDUC 610Principles of Supervision and Evaluation3
EDUC 618School Law3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 645Leadership and Ethics in Public Education3
EDUC 646School Resource Management3
EDUC 647School Culture, Climate, and Communications3
EDUC 648ARole of the Principal: Professional Learning Community1
EDUC 648BRole of the Principal: Managing and Leading Change2
EDUC 651Multicultural and Special Populations3
EDUC 687BInternship: Principal6
Program Total Credits:33

 A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program.