The M.Ed. in Education and Human Resource Studies, Teacher Licensure Specialization is a 12-month cohort program that focuses on the development and licensing of teachers who have earned their undergraduate degrees (or who have met content course requirements) in specific content areas. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and have completed all content area courses required for licensure. The goal of this specialization is to develop mature, highly qualified teachers whose practice is grounded in research and theory gained through discovery, practice, demonstration, observation, and reflection. The program is designed following a Professional Development School model, with courses embedded in PK-12 schools. This specialization design leads to participants' strong pedagogical skills, as well as a deep understanding of effective theories of learning. The program addresses the growing needs of schools for highly qualified teachers.

Learning Outcomes

To prepare teachers who:

- Demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach.

- Establish a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.

- Plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.

- Demonstrate professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection, and leadership.

Effective Fall 2023

EDRM 602Action Research3
EDUC 525CExpert Teaching: Literacy and Numeracy3
EDUC 526Interdisciplinary Methods4
EDUC 573Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Needs3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 625Contexts of Schooling3
EDUC 628Models of Teaching3
EDUC 687DInternship: Teacher Licensure I3
EDUC 687EInternship: Teacher Licensure II12
EDUC 693BSeminar: Instruction2
EDUC 693CSeminar: Teacher Licensure Capstone2
Program Total Credits:41

A minimum of 41 credits are required to complete this program.