School Counseling

Career counselors partner with individuals seeking to live a life of meaning and purpose through their professional work and personal lives. They provide services in various settings such as higher education, workforce centers, community agencies, and private practice. 

Students who specialize as career counselors demonstrate knowledge and skills to help people develop life-career plans, focusing on the interaction of work and life roles. They conduct career interventions such as career counseling, education, planning, management, and guidance. In addition, career counselors engage in counseling dialogues that address individuals' unique cultures, contexts, needs, desires, values, concerns, and barriers.

Students who successfully complete this program will be prepared to pursue professional counseling licensure (LPC) in Colorado. Licensure requirements in other states and U.S. territories may differ. Students are encouraged to work with the department and the professional licensure board in the state where they intend to pursue licensing to ensure all requirements are satisfactorily met. 

Effective Fall 2020

Core Requirements
EDCO 500Career and Employment Concepts3
EDCO 625Foundations of Counseling3
EDCO 650Theories of Counseling and Development3
EDCO 651Group Guidance and Counseling3
EDCO 652Ethics in Counseling/Career Development3
EDCO 653Counseling for Cultural Diversity3
EDCO 655Brief Counseling3
EDCO 656Counseling Assessment and Appraisal3
EDCO 660Career Development Counseling3
EDCO 665Career Development Institute3
EDCO 670Introduction to Mental Health Counseling3
EDCO 686Practicum-Guidance and Counseling3
EDCO 687Internship-Guidance and Counseling6
EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
HDFS 505Human Development for Helping Professionals3
Specialization Requirement
EDCO 661Career and Life Design Counseling3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Adult Education
Philosophy/Organization of Workforce Education
Processes and Methods
Using Mobile Technology for Training
Instructional Design
Mental Health Counseling and Treatment
Seminar: Contemplative Practice-Counseling & Education
Student Development Theory
Principles: Quantitative Data Analysis
Program Evaluation
Grant Writing
Marriage and Family Therapy
Risk and Resilience
Introduction to Addiction Counseling
Animal Assisted Therapy and Human-Animal Bond
Fundamentals of Mediation
Program Total Credits:60