CSU's entry-level Doctor of Occupational Therapy program is designed using subject- and learner-centered principles. Engaging in active learning and focusing on occupation, graduates become occupational therapy practitioners who can and will embrace collaboration and leadership in the field. Our candidacy application has been accepted by our accrediting agency (Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education of the American Occupational Therapy Association located at 6116 Executive Blvd., Suite 200, North Bethesda, MD 20852-4929, (301) 652-6611; accred@aota.org). The program has entered its first two classes and is currently engaged in the accreditation process, although not yet fully accredited.

Find more information on the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program on the Department of Occupational Therapy website.

Effective Fall 2021

First Year: Summer
OT 720Occupation and Occupational Therapy Process3
OT 721Impacts on Occupation I3
OT 722Foundations for Professional Development1
First Year: Fall
OT 730Professional Reasoning and Relationships2
OT 731Impacts on Occupation II3
OT 732Adult and Older Adult I2
OT 733Adult and Older Adult I Lab2
OT 735Occupational Therapy Research Process I3
OT 786BPracticum: Integrative Experiential Learning I1
First Year: Spring
OT 740Occupation, Learning, and Change3
OT 742Adult and Older Adult II2
OT 743Adult and Older Adult II Lab2
OT 745Occupational Therapy Research Process II3
OT 749Capstone Overview1
OT 786CPracticum: Integrative Experiential Learning II2
Second Year: Summer
OT 787Level IIA Fieldwork - Adults and Older Adults12
Second Year: Fall
OT 750Programmatic Interventions3
OT 752Infancy Through Early Childhood2
OT 753Infancy Through Early Childhood Lab1
OT 755Occupational Therapy Research Process III3
OT 759Capstone Planning1
OT 761Inclusive Technology2
OT 786DPracticum: Integrated Experiential Learning III1
Second Year: Spring
OT 760Leadership Skills of Change Agents2
OT 762Early Through Middle Childhood2
OT 763Early Through Middle Childhood Lab1
OT 764Adolescent and Young Adult2
OT 769Capstone Project and Experience Development3
OT 786EPracticum: Integrated Experiential Learning IV1
Third Year: Summer
OT 772Innovative Practice in Occupational Therapy2
OT 786FPracticum: Integrated Experiential Learning V1
Third Year: Fall
OT 788Level IIB Fieldwork - Lifespan Experience12
Third Year: Spring
OT 779Capstone Project1
OT 789Capstone Experience14
Program Total Credits:99

A minimum of 99 credits are required to complete this program.