The Certificate in Art History is designed for students enrolled in the Department of Art and Art History who are not pursuing the Art History concentration but wish to develop a broader background in art history. The certificate gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of art historical content and methodologies at the advanced level, complementing their primary course of study as studio artists and art educators.

Effective Fall 2022

A minimum grade of C (2.000) or better is required in all Art History coursework.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

ART 419Historiography and Methodology of Art History3
Select a minimum of 9 credits from the following upper-division courses:9
Pre-Columbian Art of the Andes
History of American Art to 1945
Art of West and Central Africa
Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica
Art of East and Southern Africa
Women in Art History
United States Art 1945-1980
Art of the Pacific
Native North American Art
Global Encounters in Art
Greek Art
History of Medieval Art
History of Renaissance Art
History of Baroque and Rococo Art
History of 19th Century European Art
History of European Art, 1900 to 1945
Roman Art
Contemporary Artists and Art Critics
Travel Abroad-Art History in Italy
Seminar: Art History
Group Study: Art History
Program Total Credits:12