The Ph.D. in Media Communication focuses on the historical, social, and cultural factors that shape the development of mediated communication, and the role of mediated communication in the public's understanding of contemporary issues. Students are encouraged to pursue a concentration in one of the following: Science Communication, Strategic Communication, or Journalism Studies. The program prepares students with high-level research and theoretical skills for careers in academic and communication research or research management positions.

Effective Spring 2022

Required Courses
JTC 500Communication Research and Evaluation Methods3
JTC 501Process and Effects of Communication4
JTC 601Cognitive Communication Theory3
JTC 602Social and Cultural Communication Theory3
JTC 604Colloquium--Grad/Teaching/Learning/Research2
JTC 605Colloquium In Communication Research1
JTC 664Quantitative Research in Communication3
JTC 665Qualitative Methods in Communication Research3
Research Methods Electives 9
Select 9 credits from the following:
Seminar: Experimental Design
Seminar: Survey Design
Seminar: Content Analysis
Seminar: Qualitative Methods
Seminar: Human Factors
Seminar: Critical and Cultural Methods
Theory Electives12
Select 12 credits from the following:
Managing Communications Systems
Political Economy of Global Media
Public Communication Campaigns
Health Communication
Public Communication Technologies
Strategic Communications
Communication and Innovation
Information Design
Communicating Science and Technology
Communication in the Social Processes of Risk
Seminar: Health and Risk
Seminar: Human Computer Interaction
Seminar: Communication Technology in Organizations
Seminar: Ethics, Law, and Policy
Seminar: Strategic Communication
Seminar: Media Technology and Society
Cognate Area 112
Electives 29
Dissertation Research9
Select 9 credits from the following:
Program Total Credits:73

Select 12 credits from outside the department, or appropriate JTC courses, with approval of advisor and graduate committee. 


Select 9 credits from above with approval of advisor and graduate committee.

A minimum of 73 credits are required to complete this program.