The Certificate in World Philosophies and Religions is open to students in any major or minor. It offers a broad education in philosophical and religious perspectives from around the world. Students will develop expertise in the philosophical interpretation and evaluation of religious and non-religious doctrines that have arisen in many times and places, reflecting the broadening of academic philosophy in the U.S. beyond its European roots.

Effective Fall 2023

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Select one course from the following:3
World Philosophies (GT-AH3)
Religions of the West (GT-AH3)
Religions of the East (GT-AH3)
Select twelve credits from the following not taken above: 112
World Philosophies (GT-AH3)
Religions of the West (GT-AH3)
Religions of the East (GT-AH3)
Philosophy of Traditional Judaism
Issues in the Study of Religion
Latin American Philosophy
Islam: Cosmology and Practice
Philosophies of East Asia
Interpreting the New Testament
Philosophy of Religion
Topics in Asian Philosophy
Contemporary Western Religious Thought
Contemporary Eastern Religious Thought
Meaning and Truth in Religion
Science and Religion
Mysticism East and West
Islamic Philosophy
Seminar in Religious Studies
Program Total Credits:15

 At least 9 credits must be from upper-division (300- to 400-level) courses.