Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

The Ph.D. in Environmental Health, Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Specialization is based on a multidisciplinary group of faculty and courses aimed at enhancing the workplace in terms of safety, process and product quality, and the quality of work life. The foundation of the program is driven by the utilization of a systems approach in human-centered design and in the most current safety theories and practice. The program integrates a multidisciplinary approach from psychology, engineering, the health sciences and safety to better understand and optimize human well-being and overall system performance in the workplace. 

The Ph.D. program has the flexibility for students to pursue research related to ergonomics and safety from approaches in psychology, engineering, the health sciences, and occupational epidemiology. Graduates from the Ph.D. program are typically employed in leadership positions in the field of occupational safety and health. Many of our doctoral level graduates are professors at universities, program managers and directors at multinational companies, researchers at private and public organizations, as well as managing consultants in industry.

Effective Fall 2021

Core Courses
DM 575Human Factors in Design3
ERHS 520Environmental and Occupational Health Issues3
ERHS 526Industrial Hygiene3
ERHS 527Industrial Hygiene Laboratory1
ERHS 528Occupational Safety3
ERHS 532Epidemiologic Methods3
ERHS 540Principles of Ergonomics3
ERHS 541Ergonomics in Product and Process Design3
ERHS 637Environment, Safety, and Health Management3
ERHS 679Occ Env Health Interdisciplinary Symposium2
PSY 792DAdvanced Seminar: Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
Additional and Supporting Coursework
ERHS 535R Programming for Research3
ERHS 536Advanced Occupational Health3
ERHS 642Applied Logistic Regression3
ERHS 784Supervised College Teaching2
ERHS 787Internship3
ERHS 795BIndependent Study: Occupational and Environmental Health1
ERHS 799Dissertation12
PSY 692DSeminar: Industrial/Organizational Psychology1
STAR 511Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I4
STAR 512Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II4
Select a minimum of 6 credits from the following electives:6
Industrial Hygiene Control Methods
Advanced Epidemiology Methods I
Occupational Noise Control
Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
Clinical Biomechanics
Muscle and Joint Mechanics
Perspectives in Global Health
Advanced Psychology: Health Psychology
Advanced Psychology: Human Performance, Motor and Intellectual Capacities
Program Total Credits:72

A minimum of 72 credits are required to complete this program.