Horticultural Science graduates conduct research to discover new information about plant growth, development, and environmental response. This research can lead to new plant varieties and production methods. The curriculum consists of a solid foundation in the basic natural sciences as well as in agricultural sciences and prepares students for technical and scientific careers in laboratory, greenhouse, or field research. Exceptional students participate in individual research projects coordinated by professors. Graduates in this area often continue their education.

Effective Fall 2019

BZ 120Principles of Plant Biology (GT-SC1)3A4
CHEM 111General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)3A4
CHEM 112General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)3A1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II 1
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
HORT 100Horticultural Science3A4
MATH 1241Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (GT-MA1)1B1
MATH 1251Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1)1B1
MATH 126Analytic Trigonometry (GT-MA1)1B1
Select one course from the following: 1
Orientation to Agricultural Systems  
Transfer Seminar  
Arts and Humanities3B3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3C3
 Total Credits 30
HORT 260Plant Propagation 4
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)3A5
PH 122General Physics II (GT-SC1)3A5
SPCM 200Public Speaking 3
Select one course from the following: 3-4
Business Computing Concepts and Applications  
Personal Computing  
Advanced Writing23
Diversity and Global Awareness3E3
Historical Perspectives3D3
 Total Credits 29-30
BZ 440Plant Physiology 3
MATH 155Calculus for Biological Scientists I (GT-MA1)1B4
SOCR 240Introductory Soil Science 4
SOCR 330Principles of Genetics 3
STAT 301Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods 3
Select one group from the following: 5-8
Group A:
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry  
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
Group B:
Modern Organic Chemistry I  
Modern Organic Chemistry II  
Modern Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
Arts and Humanities3B3
Electives 0-3
 Total Credits 33
BC 351Principles of Biochemistry 4
BSPM 302Applied and General Entomology 2
BSPM 303BEntomology Laboratory: Horticultural 1
BSPM 361Elements of Plant Pathology 3
HORT 310Greenhouse Management4B4
HORT 454Horticulture Crop Production and Management4A,4C2
HORT 476Environmental Plant Stress Physiology 3
HORT 495Independent Study 2
Elective2 0-1
 Total Credits 27-28
 Program Total Credits: 120
Semester 1CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BZ 120Principles of Plant Biology (GT-SC1)  3A4
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)  1A3
CHEM 111General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)X 3A4
CHEM 112General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)X 3A1
MATH 124Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (GT-MA1)  1B1
MATH 125Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1)  1B1
Select one course from the following:   1
Orientation to Agricultural Systems    
Transfer Seminar    
 Total Credits   15
Semester 2CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CHEM 113General Chemistry II   3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II   1
HORT 100Horticultural Science  3A4
MATH 126Analytic Trigonometry (GT-MA1)  1B1
Arts and Humanities  3B3
Social and Behavioral Sciences  3C3
CO 150 and AUCC 1B (Quantitative Reasoning) must be completed by the end of Semester 2.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 3CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)X 3A5
SPCM 200Public Speaking   3
Select one course from the following:   3-4
Business Computing Concepts and Applications    
Personal Computing    
Diversity and Global Awareness  3E3
BZ 120 must be completed by the end of Semester 3.X   
 Total Credits   14-15
Semester 4CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
HORT 260Plant Propagation   4
PH 122General Physics II (GT-SC1)  3A5
Advanced Writing  23
Historical Perspectives  3D3
CHEM 113 must be completed by the end of Semester 4.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 5CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MATH 155Calculus for Biological Scientists I (GT-MA1)X 1B4
SOCR 330Principles of Genetics   3
Select one group from the following:   5-6
Group A:    
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry    
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory    
Group B:    
Modern Organic Chemistry I    
Modern Organic Chemistry II    
Arts and Humanities  3B3
Elective   0-1
 Total Credits   16
Semester 6CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BZ 440Plant Physiology   3
SOCR 240Introductory Soil Science   4
STAT 301Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods   3
If Group B taken Semester 5, take the following:   0-2
Modern Organic Chemistry Laboratory    
Elective   0-2
CHEM 245 and CHEM 341 must be completed by the end of Semester 6.X   
 Total Credits   17
Semester 7CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BC 351Principles of Biochemistry   4
BSPM 302Applied and General EntomologyX  2
BSPM 303BEntomology Laboratory: HorticulturalX  1
HORT 310Greenhouse Management  4B4
HORT 495Independent Study   2
 Total Credits   15
Semester 8CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BSPM 361Elements of Plant PathologyX  3
HORT 454Horticulture Crop Production and ManagementX 4A,4C2
HORT 476Environmental Plant Stress PhysiologyX  3
ElectivesX  0-1
The benchmark courses for the 8th semester are the remaining courses in the entire program of study.X   
 Total Credits   12-13
 Program Total Credits:   120