A professor gives a lecture to graduate students in accounting.

CSU's Master of Accountancy is a 30-credit program offered on campus that provides a wealth of practical, job-related knowledge that prepares students for a successful career. Further, our students are provided the in-depth topical coverage needed to successfully sit for the national Uniform CPA Examination.

Our curriculum reflects the breadth of services performed by CPAs. The Taxation Specialization provides advanced coursework in taxation, with a focus on preparation for professional tax practice. In particular, in-depth coverage of topics relevant for a career in tax compliance, planning, and consulting, as well as corporate tax.

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Develop the necessary research skills to investigate complex accounting issues.
  2. Apply analytical and conceptual problem-solving skills to the field of corporate taxation.
  3. Describe the role of information systems and technology in accounting.
  4. Communicate complex accounting issues orally and in writing.
  5. Recognize ethical and legal issues in a variety of accounting situations.

Effective Fall 2021

Required Core: 18 credits
ACT 540Professional Ethics and Responsibilities3
ACT 541Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing3
ACT 561Legal and Regulatory Issues in Accounting3
ACT 602Accounting Research and Communication3
ACT 610Accounting Analytics3
ACT 631Corporate Taxation3
Other Required Courses: 12 credits
ACT 537Advanced Taxation of Business Entities3
ACT 635State and Local Taxation3
ACT 639Special Topics in Taxation3
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Government and Nonprofit
Oil and Gas Accounting
Issues in Financial Reporting and Auditing
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Business Intelligence
Project Management: Information Technology
Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration
Program Total Credits:30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.