The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is composed of a series of courses in which students learn how to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in their thinking. In this graduate certificate, students will gain knowledge and tools to put their ideas from their own programs of study into action. The entrepreneurial mindset that can enable innovative action, as well as the knowledge and skills that support these, is valuable to graduates who want to create a new venture, work for a technology or other startup, work in a large existing firm as a corporate entrepreneur, or to simply understand how to better create value in novel ways at whatever organization they are employed.

Effective Fall 2023

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Choose 4 credits from the following: 14
Idea Evaluation in Agricultural Value Chains 2
Sustainable Venturing and New Energy Economy
Building Value Thru Creativity and Innovation
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
Integrative Applications for Business Impact
Choose 5 credits from the following electives:5
Opportunities in the Agricultural Value Chain
Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance
Business Economics for the Entrepreneur
Raising Capital in the Agricultural Sector
Intellectual Property in Food and Agriculture
New Food Product Development
Social Benefit Cost Analysis
Grant Proposal Writing and Reviewing
Dynamic Decision Making
Leadership and Teams
Building and Leading Exceptional Teams
Project Management: Information Technology
Civil Engineering Project Management
Intellectual Property and Invention Systems
Food Product Development
Processes of Human-Centered Design Thinking
Communication and Innovation
Intro to Arts Leadership and Management
Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Assessment
Strategic Selling for Business Customers
Services Marketing Management
Leadership/Innovation in Systems Engineering
Program Total Credits:9

Any additional credits taken beyond the 4 required credits may be counted towards the certificate elective credits.


Only students enrolled in the Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management graduate program can take AREC 513.

*This certificate may have courses in common with other graduate certificates. A student may earn more than one certificate, but a given course may be counted only in one certificate.