The Professional Science Master's in Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology is ideal for students who want to prepare for careers in a variety of industries that use bioprocesses, biomanufacturing, and biotechnology. The program is also designed to provide opportunities for professionals working in these industries to get the training they may need to advance in their careers. The program includes a balanced combination of bioscience, engineering, and business courses, appropriate for students with either a science or engineering background. The program culminates with an internship experience at a partnering organization, company, government entity, or non-profit, where the student puts into practice their bioscience, engineering, and business training.

Effective Fall 2019

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BC 411Physical Biochemistry4
BC 563Molecular Genetics4
BUS 500Foundations for Business Impact2
 Total Credits10
BC 565Molecular Regulation of Cell Function4
BC 571Quantitative Biochemistry1
BUS 601Quantitative Business Analysis2
Select a 3-credit technical elective from:3
Cell and Tissue Engineering 
Biomolecular Engineering/Synthetic Biology 
Biobased Fuels, Energy, and Chemicals 
 Total Credits10
Second Year
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
CBE 504/BIOM 504Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering3
CBE 505Biochemical Engineering Laboratory1
CBE 522/BIOM 522Bioseparation Processes3
Select a 2-credit business elective from:2
Managing Human Capital 
Financial Principles and Practice 
Marketing Management 
 Total Credits13
CBE 687Internship7
 Total Credits7
 Program Total Credits:40

 Offered Spring term only.