You may think that electrical engineering is magic - and it kind of is.  Electrical engineering is filled with daring visionaries and bright minds who engage, imagine, and invent. We are the masters of power and energy and light and systems that can turn science fiction into living, breathing science. We are the force that connects people and technologies with elegant devices that fit in the palm of your hand and colossal systems that are beyond imagination. We are the spark, the energy, and the catalyst - the generators of ideas, champions of possibility, and the fuel for change to help shape a better world for all.  Is that magic? Almost. And we'd love to show you how it works.

Students choose between two concentrations. The Electrical Engineering concentration covers a broad range of electrical engineering subdiscplines and allows a student to focus on their particular area of interest using technical electives. The Lasers and Optical Engineering concentration focuses on optics and waves, optical electronics, optical information processing, and communications.