From self-driving cars to smart cities, we live in a hyper-connected world. As the smart thinkers behind today’s smart devices and systems, computer engineers hold the key to understanding, advancing, and protecting the security of next generation technologies and data networks. The Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Plan A produces professionals capable of applying in-depth knowledge, creativity, and research experience to drive innovation in virtually any field. This program creates professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge to keep pace with a rapidly evolving high-tech field. Offering a highly customizable curriculum, this program specializes in the following focus areas: biomedical engineering, communications and signal processing, computer engineering, controls and robotics, electromagnetics and remote sensing, and lasers and photonics.

Students pursuing the Plan A degree complete a research-orientated plan of study involving a thesis and coursework. Students interested in graduate work should refer to CSU's Graduate and Professional Bulletin and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department website.

Effective Spring 2017

Regular Courses 1, 221
ECE 699Thesis9
Program Total Credits:30

Select courses with approval of advisor and graduate committee. Courses not accepted as regular include all courses ending in the range -82 through -99. 


A maximum of 6 credits of 400-level undergraduate courses can be used toward the degree. Up to 8 credits at the 400-level are permitted when at least one course is a 4 credit course. Remaining credits must be in 500-level or higher courses.