An Apparel and Merchandising graduate student works on a design project.

The M.S. in Design and Merchandising, Plan A, Apparel and Merchandising Specialization offers the opportunity for students to critically explore how apparel products are designed and developed, distributed, and merchandised as well as the ways in which consumers interact with and use those products in various historical and socio-cultural contexts. Emphasis is placed upon fostering cultural awareness and a commitment to social responsibility. The Plan A emphasizes the development of content knowledge and research skills through the completion of an original research study, preparing graduates well for doctoral-level work or for industry positions requiring critical thinking, analytical abilities, and/or depth of knowledge in the field.

Areas of graduate study and research in Apparel and Merchandising include:

  • Apparel Design and Production
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Historic Costume and Textiles
  • Merchandising
  • Product Development
  • Social-Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Dress and Appearance

Effective Fall 2001

Department Core
DM 501Research and Theory-Design and Merchandising3
DM 551Research Methods3
Specialized research/data analysis methods 13
Out-of-department Course 23
Specialization Courses
Select a minimum of 12 credits 312
DM 699Thesis6
Program Total Credits:30

 A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.


Select a minimum of one course from department list with approval of advisor.


Select an out-of-department course at the 500-level with approval of advisor.


Select 500-level courses from the AM, DM, or INTD subject codes with approval of advisor.