The Organizational Learning, Performance and Change specialization is designed to help working individuals develop the hands-on skills, knowledge, and process understanding needed to improve their workplace and organizational learning, performance, and change.

With coursework focused on strategies to help manage organizational and workplace issues, the applied nature of the program prepares students to meet the demands of today's workplace. Students learn to combine and integrate organization development, change, and performance management theory, research, and practice. 

Effective Spring 2014

Course Requirements
EDOD 506Human Resource Development3
EDOD 671Establish Relations, Diagnose Organizations3
EDOD 673Plan and Implement Change Interventions3
EDOD 674Analyze Workplace Learning3
EDOD 675Design, Develop, Implement Workplace Learning3
EDOD 676Evaluate Workplace Learning3
EDOD 677Action Learning and Inquiry3
EDOD 678Assess Change Interventions3
EDOD 692ASeminar: HRD Concepts--Workplace Learning3
EDOD 692BSeminar: HRD Concepts--Organizational Learning3
EDRM 698Research3
Program Total Credits:33

 A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program.