School Leadership

The Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies, School Leadership Specialization is designed to prepare educational leaders and practitioners in the PK-12 system. The program’s coursework:

  • Provides a research-oriented framework of the PK-12 environment
  • Supports practitioner experiences
  • Ensures a commitment to the improvement of public school systems

Effective Spring 2012

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
EDRM 700Quantitative Research Methods3
EDRM 704Qualitative Research3
EDUC 709Leadership Development3
EDUC 714Education Policy Analysis3
EDUC 715Critical Theory, Educational Equity Praxis3
 Total Credits15
Second Year
EDOD 769Theory and Practice of Change3
EDRM 706Analysis of Variance--Education Research3
EDUC 713Teaching, Learning, and Professional Growth3
EDUC 716Capstone: Educational Equity and Reform3
EDUC 725Professionalism in Education and Leadership3
 Total Credits15
Third Year
EDOD 667Power-Politics-Influence in Organizations3
EDOD 670Strategic Human Resource Development3
EDRM 666Program Evaluation3
EDRM 705 or 707Qualitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Data Collection Methods/Analysis
EDUC 787 or 795Internship
Independent Study
 Total Credits15
Fourth Year
EDRM 792BSeminar: Proposal Development3
EDRM 799Dissertation6
 Total Credits9
Fifth Year
EDRM 799Dissertation6
 Total Credits6
 Program Total Credits:60
Completed Ph.D. Coursework Total60
Completed Master's Coursework Total30
Program Total Credits:90

 A minimum of 90 credits are required to complete this program.