FCS Landing

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is an exciting field with many career opportunities. The mission of this interdepartmental major is to prepare professionals dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, and the communities and environments in which they live and/or work.

Students graduate with an interdisciplinary perspective about the challenges encountered by families and consumers. Through coursework, students gain skills to assist families and consumers with quality-of-life decisions and challenges related to interpersonal/human relationships, consumer and financial resource management, personal development, nutrition and wellness, and balancing family and work.

This program emphasizes the management and problem-solving skills needed to be a responsible and productive individual, family member, and worker. Students take coursework in a variety of programs/departments including, but not limited to:

  • School of Education, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Design and Merchandising
  • Health and Exercise Sciences

Students have the option of the FCS concentration or the FCS Education concentration. Upon graduating, students will be eligible to take the exam to be certified in FCS with the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Learning Goals

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of the FCS body of knowledge 
  • demonstrate, at a professional level, oral and written communication and problem-solving proficiency within FCS
  • demonstrate synthesis and integration of the specialized FCS body of knowledge through engaged learning experiences
  • choose, examine, and assess the impact of civic engagement relevant to FCS

Potential Occupations

Our graduates’ career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Secondary classroom teacher
  • Cooperative extension/agent
  • Consumer information specialist
  • Program development
  • Consultant
  • Product representative
  • Customer service specialist
  • Writer/developer of informational or educational materials
  • Governmental, community, and non-profit agency worker
  • Child/youth family advocacy
  • Family financial officer
  • Wellness director
  • Peace Corps volunteer

Teaching opportunities at the middle school, junior high, high school, or post-secondary level are available upon completion of the education concentration.

The FCS major provides a strong foundation for graduate work. Graduate degree opportunities are available in the School of Education or other departments related to family and consumer sciences (e.g., Design and Merchandising, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Social Work, Occupational Therapy).