education sciences master of ed

The Master of Education in Education and Human Rsource Studies, Education Sciences Specialization is designed to prepare educational leaders and practitioners for principal licensure and teacher licensure in the PK-12 system.  

Principal Licensure

Principal licensure can be earned as a non-degree option or as a Master of Education degree.

Coursework is designed to develop principal and administrator leadership skills to:

  • Direct educational programs
  • Facilitate educational renewal
  • Implement innovations in education

Teacher Licensure

Teacher licensure is earned as a Master of Education degree.

  • The program is designed to develop future educators.
  • Candidates are prepared to apply for a professional teaching license.

Coursework focuses on the study of transformative teaching practices and includes immediate engagement in local school settings.

Effective Fall 2014

Instructional Sciences - Option 1

EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
EDRM 612Assessing Students in Educational Settings3
EDUC 530Technology Enhanced Learning3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 628Models of Teaching3
EDUC 629Communication and Classrooms3
EDUC 651Multicultural and Special Populations3
Select one of the following plans:9
Plan A:
Principles: Quantitative Data Analysis
Plan B:
Program Total Credits:30

 A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program. 

Administration - Option 2

EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
EDUC 610Principles of Supervision and Evaluation3
EDUC 618School Law3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 645Leadership and Ethics in Public Education3
EDUC 646School Resource Management3
EDUC 647School Culture, Climate, and Communications3
EDUC 648ARole of the Principal: Professional Learning Community1
EDUC 648BRole of the Principal: Managing and Leading Change2
EDUC 651Multicultural and Special Populations3
EDUC 687BInternship: Principal6
Program Total Credits:33

 A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program. 

Teacher Licensure - Option 3

EDRM 602Action Research3
EDUC 525CExpert Teaching: Literacy and Numeracy3
EDUC 526Interdisciplinary Methods4
EDUC 573Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Needs3
EDUC 619Curriculum Development3
EDUC 625Contexts of Schooling3
EDUC 628Models of Teaching3
EDUC 687DInternship: Teacher Licensure I3
EDUC 687EInternship: Teacher Licensure II12
EDUC 693BSeminar: Instruction2
EDUC 693CSeminar: Teacher Licensure Capstone2
Program Total Credits:41

 A minimum of 41 credits are required to complete this program.