The Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Sciences is offered for students with a personal or professional interest in nutrition, health promotion, or disease prevention. Courses address the fundamentals of nutrition science and how it is involved in nutrient metabolism, obesity, chronic disease prevention, and other current or controversial areas in nutrition. Each course allows students to develop skills in locating credible sources of nutrition information, analyzing research, and debating contradictory information, all of which support ongoing professional development. Online only. 

Effective Fall 2017

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites. 

FSHN 530Principles of Nutrition Science & Metabolism3
FSHN 531Diet, Nutrition, and Chronic Disease3
FSHN 532Emerging Issues in Nutrition3
Program Total Credits:9

*This certificate may have courses in common with other graduate certificates. A student may earn more than one certificate, but a given course may be counted only in one certificate.

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