Campus Connections (CC) Youth Mentoring program is a nationally recognized, award winning, high-impact, multidisciplinary, service-learning experience offered for credit through Human Development and Family Studies at CSU. CC is a structured mentoring program that promotes undergraduate student success at CSU and after graduation, particularly for underrepresented groups of students; promotes the resilience and life success of at-risk youth; prepares clinical graduate students for diverse settings; and responds to community initiatives to better serve at-risk youth and their families.
The 9-credit undergraduate certificate in Youth Mentoring with Campus Connections enables students to develop invaluable professional skills, gain significant experience with adolescents, and evolve as leaders. Based on multiple semesters of involvement with CC, many students launch their careers working with youth in education, social services, criminal justice, and other relevant professions. The CC experience often serves as the focus of their graduate school essays and is highlighted during interviews with employers setting them apart from their peers.

Effective Fall 2020

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Required Course:
HDFS 470ACampus Connections–Mentoring At-Risk Youth: Youth Mentor 13
Select two courses from the following (or 6 credits if variable credit):6
Campus Connections–Mentoring At-Risk Youth: Youth Mentor 1
Campus Connections–Mentoring At-Risk Youth: Mentor Coach
Campus Connections–Mentoring At-Risk Youth: Program Administration
Internship: Human Development and Family Studies 2
Internship: Pre-Health 2
Internship: Prevention/Intervention Science 2
Internship: Leadership/Entrepreneurship 2
Group Study: Human Development 3
Research: Human Development 4
Field Placement 2
Field Placement 2
Program Total Credits:9