Effective Fall 2014

Core Courses
AREC 606/ECON 606Microeconomic Analysis I3
AREC 635/ECON 635Econometric Theory I3
AREC 706/ECON 706Microeconomic Analysis II3
AREC 735/ECON 735Econometric Theory II2
Select one from the following:1
Advanced Econometric Methods: Discrete Choice Models
Advanced Econometric Methods: Panel Data Models
Advanced Econometric Methods: Time Series Models
ECON 501Quantitative Methods for Economists3
ECON 505History of Economic Thought3
ECON 604Macroeconomic Analysis I3
ECON 704Macroeconomic Analysis II3
ECON 705Heterodox Approaches to Economics3
Field Courses
Two pairs of field courses from among those designated by the department12
Electives 19
Research and Dissertation
ECON 698Research--Technical Paper 23
ECON 793Seminar--Doctoral Research3
ECON 799Dissertation18
Exams 3
Program Total Credits:72

A minimum of 72 credits are required to complete this program.